Sunday, December 4, 2011


Darrell Gilyard set to be released 12/28/2011

I pray that there has been some sort of progress and that somehow he has allowed God to intervene. Although statistically speaking, once an offender - it is always a struggle. Most child sex offenders repeat. And this is not what God wants nor does He overlook it - what's done in secret will be revealed in the light.

Too many lives ruined by the actions of these selfish, cold hearted offenders. Too many stories to even begin to tell. You can not make excuses - there is simply no way to excuse these behaviors. Sex crimes are life altering - but those against children are incomprehensible!

I fully believe after reading many statistics - that the large majority of offenders have been offended themselves at some point in their lives.

I know that with God, all things are possible. And I know that those that have fallen into the hands of sexual predators can be healed and restored - but I also know that the pain for them never leaves and nothing is ever the same. God be with them and give them the comfort that only YOU can give!


Bro./Pastor Rod Hendrix said...

Hello Tiffany and a Merry Christmas and a happy coming New Year.
It's been awhile since we last communicated and I hope everything is blessed with you and your family.

Let's hope and pray that Darrell's eyes have been opened and that he is truly repentant of his past acts.
But as Dr.MacAuthur Jr.always says time will be the determiner of all things. "Time will tell"!

Anonymous said...

You need to stop judging this man. If you are a true Christian, then you know his punishment will come from GOD. Therefore, with strong conviction I urge you to stop this website. Judge not lest you be judged.
That is all.

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

Not standing in judgement, but also not participating by remaining silent.

Anonymous said...

Enough already... Your point is made clear. Our hearts goes out to those who are affected by this. It appears Tiffany that you don't have any sort of forgiveness in your heart. You do not have to remain silent about this type of cowardly act, but you got to let Gilyard name out of your mind and into the hands of GOD. I sense that you really may have had deep feelings for him and you are hurting.Please move on. You are too bitter. Wrong is wrong, but you need to focus on helping not condemning. Are a perfect Christian? No. GOD is a good God. We can only hope that Gilyard asked GOD for forgiveness and he repented. Thank GOD for grace and mercy. If one sin is committed is like committing all ten of the commandments. Concentrate on what can better those who are hurt by acts like this. Make it easier for them by not constantly bringing up the name of those who have violated them. Grace and Peace

Anonymous said...

I know for a Fact, Darrell Gilyard has not changed! He can't wait to get out of prison to begin another church. He is making plans as we speak. He's a control Freak and a user. "God is Not in him" The man is Satan! And, yes Satan knows the bible too.God will fault you who may sit and listen to his lies.The man needs Help with his sick mind.His eyes are still on making money and looking at the women.Please, keep your children far away from his church.I know him and have talked with him, believe me, he has not changed.I hope he get a wife as soon as he's released,because she might slow him down a little. Anonymous

Gloria said...

Hello Tiffany,
Pastor Gilyard is being released from prison on Dec.27,2011. However, I have heard that he's planning to start a church and we Jacksonian's are excited. I pray that God has changed his heart but from what other's pastor have been quoted as saying "I extended forgiveness and mercy to him and evidently he trampled upon them," Vines wrote. "No minister if guilty of sexual improprieties, especially with underage children, should ever be allowed to stand behind the sacred desk again. Let the truth be found and let justice be done". Since Pastor Gilyard was found guilty, why would we (Jacksonian's)be willing to follow him? Pastor Gilyard is not fitting for the pulpit according to 1Tim 3:(1-7).
Another Pastor quoted "Dr. Patterson claims he did not turn a blind eye to abuse. "I told Darrell at the time that he was disqualified from pastoring and should never go into pastoring again".
Yes, God forgives and restores but Pastor Gilyard need to find a job outside of pastoring. People, God is not being sought in the decision to start a church. Yes, we shout, pray, and pray. Why should anyone be willing to attend a church of a twice divorced adulterer? He does not come close in the ballpark of meeting God's requirements. Please people, we all need to wake up, the Lord is sick and tired of all of our foolishness, pastors as well as parishioners. Who are we going to serve; God or the devil?

Bro./Pastor Rod H. said...

Tiffany don't pay any attention to Anon 8:42am,they have know Biblical idea what they are talking about.
Jesus clearly stated that we are to make "RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENTS"[John 7:24]!
God's command says "Thou shalt not steal".Therefore if I see someone stealing what doesn't belong to them.Then based on God's own Law are they saying that I can't judge that that person has broken God's prohibition against stealing an is therefore guilty of thievery?

We are commanded to be inspectors of one's fruit(actions)in Matthew chapter 7:15-20.We cannot judge what we cannot see such as motives and attitudes,but we are to judge actions and especially habitual actions.

Anonymous said...

If Darrell Lewis Gilyard starts a church... it should be named "The Blind Leading the Blind Ministry."

Juan Carlos said...

It's a good decision

Sis, Viola said...

Hello Tiffany,
Somtimes I just shake my head and say, "God, what is wrong with some of our people"? They have heard,seen, and know Darrell Gilyard track record;and some people still refuse to look at this man for what he is: Fake. I have always remember this prayer and I say it everyday:
Serenity Prayer
God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things, I cannot change,("Accept,that you cannot change Darrell Gilyard, it's hopeless").
the Courage to change the things I can,
("You have Courage to change your mind,your thinking patten,of not giving Darrell another chance").
And,Wisdom to know the difference.
("God, gave you Wisdom to know the difference of, what's right and what's wrong"). Wisdom is very easy, because it's only asking,Was it right for Pastor Gilyard to call,or text underage girls? No.(What if it were your child he was calling and touching)? Was it right for Pastor Gilyard to use his powers to force sexual intercourse against women, in & out of his church,and to go from church to church with the same behavior? No. "You have your answer". God said, Fear me(Dt.6:13). My Wisdom tell's me, Pastor Gilyard, does not fear God.

Bro./Pastor Rod H. said...

Sis.Viola said::

"God said, Fear me(Dt.6:13). My Wisdom tell's me, Pastor Gilyard, does not fear God."

December 28, 2011 2:11 AM


Anonymous said...

If any man go back fellowshipping under Gilyard they truly not worshipping man and not God!!!! For I know he has not changed. He was still manipulative behind the 8x10 cell he was in. He has hurt and used many people and he is gonna do it again. Please don't allow your chi,d to be around him. He is a sick individual and has not heale from his past hurts. "Hurting people, hurt other people"!!!!! Until he admit that he is sick and get help, he will never be good for anyone. NOT IN A CHURCH OR IN A MARRIAGE/RELATIONSHIP!!!!

Anonymous said...

The difference between African American and Caucasians, they love and forgive but they stand by the principles of the Bible. AA, we need to learn to look at an individual and love them but also, rebuke them according to the Bible. We fall in LOVE with the MAN and not the Word of God. It’s okay to discipline and still love the person.

We can only give Pastor Gilyard a chance. But, he has proven to have not walked worthy of his calling in purity of life and heart. Therefore, he should not be pastoring a church. Let’s love him and help him find another job.

Cherly said...


If the legal system is trying to protect children from being sexual abuse; Why is Pastor Gilyard allowed to start a church? Supervised or not. I think as part of his probation orders he should have been told to wait until all of his counseling is over before pastoring a church.

Just concerned as to what the State's Attorney Office was thinking. They know his track record and history.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, sister, dear sister, you have got to stop this blog. You are giving glory to the wrong one. Your whole entire blog is the glorification of satan and his minion. This blog is only peppered with God's great abilities. The rest glorifies the devil. I don't think that's your intention but that's what's happening. I've never seen anything like this. I can understand the hurt you're speaking of as my mother was a victim of such, and she's horribly scarred as, are her children. But to give your speech and time over to this is steering the soul wrong. I hope to come back someday and find your words of victory. Yes this is a bad bad man. God has him in His cross-hairs for sure. He will judge. But you seem obsessed with denouncing instead of praising. I hate this for you so very much. You must be so heartbroken. Give God more glory and speak less of the enemy and his successes through another. Kill the evil spirit with disregard. Glorify God with praise and words of victory and you'll start to see the change from within yourself. God bless you sister!!

Anonymous said...

Kelline your blog was excellent. Let us not judge let God do what he says he will do. We are to forgive. We cannot focus on the wrong of someone else if we do Tiffany we become as wrong as the people committing the acts. Move on with your life and just continue to pray. Stay focused on the prize not satans work. Tiffany please remember and think over your life and answer this question "What Act of Sin is the Greatest or does all Sin have equal ground?" Meaning Sin is Sin and we have ALL fallen short not just some Acts ALL.I pray that Pastor Gilyard have learn his lesson if not God will handle his business as always.v

Anonymous said...

If after healing and restoration he isnt qualified then neither was the Apostle Paul who wrote the new testament..I believe he wrote, If our heart condemns us, God is GREATER. What he did was bad, but those who stand in judgment are carnival barkers of legalism, unforgiveness, and have not the spirit of Christ.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiffany, it's me the mother of the teenager that turned Gilyard in to the police! I would like to say Happy New Year and i send blessings to you and your family in the new year!Im glad to see you are blogging about his release. I was just informed the other day of his release and my heart sank a little.I don't believe that 3 years of prison can undo 20 years of womanizing and abuse of young children!
To the person who said "let it go" I believe you are missing the point of this blog.This blog is titled let's stop pastor gilyard!Not let's forgive pastor gilyard for being a womanizer and molesting young girls! If givin the opportunity he WILL DO IT AGAIN! I only wish this blog had been around four years ago. because the papers stated i attended shiloh with my daughter, and that was incorrect! But as a mother you think you are doing the right thing by allowing your child to go to church, never ever thinking something like this would happen. but had there been information like this out there,she would have never been there!So thank you Tiffany thank you for keeping the info alive for everyone! BTW my daughter will be graduating this year and is doing GREAT! THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT that has come from so many ppl on this blog over the years. it really helped when times were tough! May GOD Bless You All!

Bro./Pastor Rod Hendrix said...

Anon mother I am extremely thankful that your daughter is doing well,considering what she has gone through.

There are faithful pastors and churches out there,and there are bad ones.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tiffany,

Anonymous said...

Hello Jacksonians,

Pastor Gilyard is preaching again. He preached today @ Christ Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church. We had a wonderful time. Please come out and support us.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...
Hello Jacksonians,

Pastor Gilyard is preaching again. He preached today @ Christ Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church. We had a wonderful time. Please come out and support us."

January 29, 2012 1:53 PM


The above suggestion is the most ludicrous thing I have ever seen!

I know you can't be serious??

Good joke! Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

Members of Christ Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, I hope while you're seeking to increase your membership and earn more money, that you realize that Gilyard will manipulate with his smiles and his laughter while at the same time he's trying to find as much information about your members, so that he can prey on the women/girls of the church. He is very manipulative and controlling. So, if increased membership and money is more important to you than a risk of your members being victiminzed, go right ahead and have a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...


I think Darrell has bam bozzled the probation officer. He and the leadership staff @ Christ Tabernacle is lying about his position. Darrell is actually the pastor but to get him started at the church and to avoid the legal process they are calling him guess pastor instead of pastor. I really believe Darrell is a capable of moving the church, however, the church and his followers are only interested in him preaching but they failed to realize Darrell is sick. He is a sociopath and need help. So, instead of talking and judging. I am praying for him. He seriously do not realize he has an illness. Pray for him and his church family.

Anonymous said...

After reading the article about Mr. Gilyard I found something interesting he said. He stated and I quote “The only person God cannot call is the person who refuses to acknowledge, abhor and abandon his or her own sin,”.

Now that his indiscretions are out and all the public is made aware, if this was to happen again no one can play the victim anymore.

I do agree with the "move on" comment. Not in a uncaring way, but one must not continue to allow someone that much power to consume their daily thoughts.

He's served his time. Leave him be.

Anonymous said...

OMG I believe that the members of Christ Tabernacle need to get some real Christians not church people but Christians and pray and ask the Lord to send them a pastor.....Taking in someone just for money and not taking into consideration the they are suppose to be helping to save souls and not just trying to make money......If they focus on saving souls the Lord will provide them with the Leader that they need....

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