Friday, January 16, 2009

New Year - New State Attorney

We now are in a new year and also have a new staff in the State Attorney's Office. We now have in office SA Angela Corey. Let's see what pans out legally for Darrell Gilyard for 2009.
Maybe, just maybe there will be no victims in 2009, wouldn't that be something to cheer about? Sadly, I am afraid this won't be the case, as I am told by many close to him, he is just as arrogant as ever and still not an ounce repentant. Keep praying, God is still in the miracle working business.
Maybe this will be the year where he finds earthly punishment and consequences. We know he will have eternal ones. We will see what this year holds and keep praying for protection for the innocent ones around him.
Thank you for your continued reading and support of this blog, we are all in this together.