Thursday, October 16, 2008

Paternity Suit and still Preaching

It is time to sound the alarms once again. As many of you know, Darrell Gilyard is currently facing his first public Paternity suit, see A brave woman has come forward to seek damages against him. There are many others and maybe they will gain courage to do the same. These are his children, they deserve to be provided for. It is time he has to answer for some of these lives he has left in ruins. These precious children deserve so much more than this.

In the meantime, he is resuming life as if nothing has happened. Continuing to preach and act as if he has done no wrong. Not once has he apologized to any of his victims. He has not acknowledged a need for help. He has not even taken time off to seek help. The sad thing is that he continues to find churches that welcome him into their pulpits.
The latest church is out of his hometown of Palatka, Fl. He is scheduled to preach their as early as this Sunday. Rumor has it that he may even be being looked at to eventually replace the current Pastor. Can you believe it? The current Pastor is Frederick Demps. The church is:

Calvary Missionary Baptist Church
Pastor Frederick Demps
322 N. 10th Street

There is so much I would like to say here, but I truly feel my job is only to alert you and keep this in the spotlight. If it is left in the dark, as we know, evil is allowed to prosper there.
Lord, please help us keep evil out of our churches, protect the innocent. Holy Spirit, trouble the souls of those who are allowing this. Let them not be able to be settled in their Spirits. Lord, deliver this nation from this corruption that is taking over our churches and leaving in its wake tattered souls and lives. Church is your home Lord, we desire to protect your temple God. Let us glorify you in all of our ways and in our worship. We will not allow this evil to take over, we will fight the good fight. Give us wisdom, lead us and guide is in your precious and HOLY name, Jesus. Pray people, this is not over yet.