Monday, May 19, 2008

Still Fighting

Just wanted to clarify and update something. I have been asked recently by several people if I am dropping out with regards to the Darrell Gilyard scandal, the answer is a most definite no. I have been side tracked with a busy household these last few weeks adjusting to having a new addition and caring for my 5 other children. However, I will see this through to the very end and am still very concerned about all of the potential victims still out there.

The very fact that he is already involved with another speaking position at another church is the very reason I originally titled this blog "Let's stop Pastor Darrell Gilyard together". I had already seen from past experience with him, how easily he moves from church to church even though he is caught in horrible acts. We need to make sure that we do not fall asleep to the wicked ways of man and stay alert to the things God would call us to do to prevent the plans of the devil to take hold, especially in our churches. When something is going on in our church that is not of God and does not line up with scripture, and we sit back and just allow it to take hold, we are becoming in a sense luke warm and bear some responsibility.

So, this is far from over. We are in the waiting stages before the trial. Not much is happening to speak of, but we need to still pray over the case and over any young women that would come into his path while he is free right now as well.

I do have a new email address as well if any of you feel the need to contact me for any reason,

Thank you prayer warriors and fellow warriors in this cause.