Tuesday, January 15, 2008

David vs. Goliath

The Detectives and the State's Attorneys office are doing their jobs well. They are working tirelessly and have now made the arrest. The media is staying on top of the story and doing a great job of keeping the focus on Darrell and not on the church. Many feared it would become a slam on the church. The victims are being brave as they have told their stories. Prayer warriors are praying for justice, for repentance, for the healing of the victims and the families many involved. Many people have come forward sharing their knowledge of events that have been covered up these last years at Shiloh. Many people are not willing to remain silent anymore.
I am so thankful for all of you!!!! Thank you for standing up and deciding to put an end to this.

Many of you have shared your concerns about his attorney trying to get him a plea bargain and light sentence. Well, we can help with that. Please understand, although the arrest has been made, there is still a need for more of you to tell your stories. Not just victims, but stories that have bothered you (or sickened) regarding relationships that he was having or women he tried to seduce, even if it is something you knew happened and weren't a part of directly. It is time to expose it. The fear is that you may have to testify - remember, he may plea out and never face the court. This is even more likely if there are tons of accounts, he won't want all of it to come out. This will also give the investigators more to go on. Even one story is important, and then they all begin to come together.

If you have any information, you can call the State's Attorneys' office 630-2490 ask for Julie Sachs voicemail and leave the information there, or you can email me at thefamilycircus5@comcast.net and I will forward the email to the SA.

Thank you for your help and to those of you who have already shared so much!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Arrest Made!!!!

Many people have talked this afternoon of an arrest of Gilyard today. I have confirmed per First Coast News (Channel 12), Fox News 30 and News 4 Jax (Channel 4) at this time that Darrell was arrested today. His attorney asked if he could bring him in, and he did. This is why you will hear that he turned himself in. The charge is lewd and lascivious against a minor. He has already been released on $5000 bond.
Now, I am sure this is just the beginning and it will be enough to keep him in Jax. until they form the rest of the case and more charges. So keep watching.
Also, I have been told to watch Channel 12 news tonight at 11 p.m. for an interview with Paige Patterson and more on this arrest. Watch this interview with an open mind and heart. I have communicated with him and he has shed some new light on all of this. You and I may have a new perspective as this all comes to light.
It's all coming together, keep praying.

Encourage the Victims Here

There are many brave people involved here and I am so proud of them all. There are many things that may never be made public, but please know that the current victims are courageous and strong and that they love the Lord and seek His blessing, and accountability, not vengeance. Please send comments of encouragement to them on this site. That would mean so much to them through this process and will help to give them strength and courage for each day ahead.

So, during this time of waiting, please use it to encourage the victims. Pray for them and for the investigators, for the families involved and for the others involved that are coming forward with past information, and pray for those who are struggling with this disappointment with feeling let down. Please keep your eyes focused on God and don't let man ruin your faith. Thank you for your time.