Monday, January 14, 2008

Arrest Made!!!!

Many people have talked this afternoon of an arrest of Gilyard today. I have confirmed per First Coast News (Channel 12), Fox News 30 and News 4 Jax (Channel 4) at this time that Darrell was arrested today. His attorney asked if he could bring him in, and he did. This is why you will hear that he turned himself in. The charge is lewd and lascivious against a minor. He has already been released on $5000 bond.
Now, I am sure this is just the beginning and it will be enough to keep him in Jax. until they form the rest of the case and more charges. So keep watching.
Also, I have been told to watch Channel 12 news tonight at 11 p.m. for an interview with Paige Patterson and more on this arrest. Watch this interview with an open mind and heart. I have communicated with him and he has shed some new light on all of this. You and I may have a new perspective as this all comes to light.
It's all coming together, keep praying.




Anonymous said...

Prison guard said:

Why do you call him "Pretty Mouth Darrell"? What do you really mean?
Are you happy about this whole thing, I'm very sadden by it.

And do you know what the text said or implied?

Lady T said...

Text msgs must have said someehting for the State Attorney to charge him, so why does it matter what they said? Do you think they made a mistake in reading the text messages?

Anonymous said...

This is so sad. We must pray for him.

faminfla said...

The devil is certainly busy and does not have a preference on who choses the kill, steal, and destroy.

Anonymous said...

Lady T: Why are you such a SMART A_ _? I'm only asking a question, you seem to know just a little to much about this thing? HUMMM

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, please pray for our pastor!

Anonymous said...

I will pray that your pastor becomes a Christian. I know a great deal about Gilyard because I was in the Texas church where he had difficulty. Believe me - he is not a Christian! A good speaker-yes but God loving, God fearing Christian NO!!!!

SecureOne said...

I feel that it seems quite obvious that the text msgs. were substantial and relevant to bring forth charges also. As for now it shouldn't really matter what the actual content was, obviously it was enough to get the ball rolling. I'd expect more charges to follow!

In short I agree with Lady T. and I continue to pray that both of these young women mentioned in the police reports find the strength to come forward with their testimonies along with ALL of the other victims to help secure a solid conviction.

If they are keeping an eye on this Blog I'd personally like for them to know that their is a network of friends here for them with Arms Wide Open!

SecureOne said...

Gilyard, no matter what his faults are does deserve much prayer. He is an awesome speaker, it just seems that he has gone astray.

Count me and my family in for prayer not only for him but also for the victims and former churches.

Lady T said...

anonymous at January 14, 2008 10:11 PM

"Text msgs must have said someehting for the State Attorney to charge him, so why does it matter what they said? Do you think they made a mistake in reading the text messages?"

I just re-read my posting and it doesn't appear that I know anything other than I know when someone is charged by teh SA, then they must have something. It does not take a lawyer to figure that out. Sorry if I offended you as that is not what I do. I will refrain from posting so I won't offend anyone. First the post was filled with he did not do it and forgive him and we all sin, yada yada. Now he's been arrested with court date of Feb 5th according to the news at 10 pm. Again I was only stating the obvious. No negative thoughts when I typed it.

Anonymous said...

Lady T do not stop posting. I understood your message and did not take offense.

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

I feel I have tried to be fair in not moderating the comments and letting everyone voice their thoughts. I would like to continue to keep it that way. I would ask that those of you who are only interested in attacking the people posting here, and the victims, please refrain from posting such negative comments. I have asked this before and two of you in particular keep coming back in with more attacks. I also stated, "Attack me all you want, but refrain from attacking the other people posting." Especially since you never know who is reading this - maybe some of the young victims. Certainly you would not want to take part in doing them further harm or scaring them away. Please think about your motives, especially accusing people of possibly wanting him to come on to them - maybe you need to take a look at your reasons for posting. Are you angry that we have stood up for justice and to silence this predator?

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

Also, to Lady T, you receive a lot of attacks here. You speak the truth and you are very well spoken. I enjoy your take on things and certainly appreciate your comments. Please don't let these mean spirited people silence you!!! You have many friends here. Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Tiffany, yes this is you BLOG and you will only post what you want. So, If you think my comments are offensive, WHY would you allow a post from PRISON GUARD to remain referring to Pastor Gilyard as PRETTY MOUTH DARRELL? Is this type of posting ok with you?

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

I did not state that I would only post what I want, I have not censored you (except for one comment that was totally uncalled for against Lady T a few days ago). I made my request to everyone posting negative comments toward the people posting here. Your personal feelings and thoughts about Gilyard and this case, etc. are one of the points of the blog. Most of the people here are sending positive messages or asking for clarification etc.
Thank you for simply showing some respect for others.

Anonymous said...

I hate that DG is out of jail. He need to rot there. What in the world do a 45 year old man want with a child? I can not believe he is out of town now. I hope all his victims come forth and stop him.
What's alarming is the leaders of the churches. Why did they put grown before what is right. The leaders did not have the whole in mind. They should all go down with him or face adverse actions.
They shown his house on televison tonight, and I am out here struggling (giving my money to shiloh) and he is living good. Make you wonder???? I will not go back again.
I just hate predators. They do not care about nobody but themselves. All they do is destroy and leave everlasting hurt.

Anonymous said...

So were you going to Shiloh for DG or to here GOD's WORD. Remember, the church did not do anything to you. DG always preached, follow the WORD not MAN because man will fall and disappoint you. ALSO, I hope you pay your TITHES to support the spreading of God's word and because God instructs you to.

Anonymous said...

If he must preacher, let him preach in prison for a long time. Find another job DG. Even satan knows the words and can give a good speech. Stop making excuses for a predator. He is no saint.
Just plain disgusted,

He is no ones lead ministers

Anonymous said...

If you have been reading my post, I never went for him. But finding out that the leaders put money and growth over the body, is sicking. Are you Rev Letson, I pray you are not part of any cover up. Your sermon 2 Sunday ago was great and I felt talked about this situations. You do what you must and I will do the same. Just pray because my generation of families are feeling the disgust the leaders knew about. Take Care.

gmommy said...

I'm confused....
what does the 11:40 post concerning "paying your tithes" have to do with the topic?????
Please explain the relevance.

Anonymous said...


The revelance is GMOMMY is: Why would someone be concern and mention what type of house Pastor DG lived in: stating she is struggling and he is living in a fine house? Think about it. I get my blessing from GOD , not man.

Anonymous said...

I'll never ease up on a predator. I was trying to be a lurker at first, but now I am internally injury. I know this road all too well. I know how they will threaten you or make you feel like the victim. I know too well about cover up. The harashment and trauma that eventurally leaves you damage and disable. Praying that the flash back will stop.
So I am not listening when someone trying to tell me I should not feel what I feel or I do not feel what I feel. My family felt it with me for years. My husband is on pins and needles now because of this sick ___+___________________________ sin.
Now just pissed,

Did you guys think about us, when you covered up this crap. Did you really think you was help God?

How about when he hurted my friend years ago, Moses C.
Did you really believe I was following him, when he and his wife walk around like all mighty. Follow man, no thanks! I learnt years ago.

I thank God for getting me thru.
Left me disable for life.

Anonymous said...

Like I said predators are arrogant. They really do not believe that have done any wrong.

Anonymous said...

gmommy said...
I'm confused....
what does the 11:40 post concerning "paying your tithes" have to do with the topic?????
Please explain the relevance.

January 14, 2008 11:52 PM
I am not poor by any means. I do good but with inflation, things are differently. I can do better. I am truly blessed and if content. I do not care about Jones or anything of the such.

What bothers me is the sins, the cover up and more sins. Also paying off people, prospering in sin and using whose money???
Did he or they paid off ANN too?


Who in there right mjind want there kids around such nasty.

Now do you really want to say GOD do not bless me because of predators like you, hurt me for life.

have you heard about the least and how GOD feels?

Anonymous said...

I can do better. I am truly blessed and IS content. I do not care about Jones or anything of the such. That stuff do not bring me happiness and will never will. Happiness comes within and walking with the Lord.

Must pray some more and ask for healing.
PTSD. They just do not get it, their selfish acts hurts many.

Anonymous said...

DG had to pay $5,000, which means his bond was $50,000.

CBS47 and FOX30 aired and then First Coast News showed interview with Patterson.

Court date is Feb 5th and they will cover that as well.

char said...

Anonymous said...
So were you going to Shiloh for DG or to here GOD's WORD. Remember, the church did not do anything to you. DG always preached, follow the WORD not MAN because man will fall and disappoint you. ALSO, I hope you pay your TITHES to support the spreading of God's word and because God instructs you to.

The Apostle Paul said follow me as I follow Christ 1 Corinthians 11:1.
Sin is like a cancer. It spreads throughout the body until it eats it away. Darrell is like a cancer that has spreaded throughtout the body of Christ, causing all who condone or sit under him for a period of time to become ill in some way. What the head of the church does/ or feels, in terms of lifestyle, love for the Lord Jesus or regarding how serious he takes the message of the gospel, will have a profound affect on the lives of all involved. So, in saying all this; if you can stay in a Corinthianized church, where the leaders do not filter things through God's word and follow the lead of a lost soul like Darrell Gilyard, one must ask themselves; If my pastor is not following Christ and is allowed to run the church as he pleases and not God; and be protected by other leaders, who are not trustworthy then how can you grow spiritually? There is no concern for the sheep that Christ has purchased with His own blood Acts 20:28 and if Jesus is so serious about how an under-shepherd leads the flock, then so am I. It would behoove whomever to pray to God for guidance in leading you to a new place of worship. Your spiritual growth and soul are at stake. So in a sense, Yes you're going to church for DG because you must trust that he will teach you the entire counsel of God (which he doesn't). Be as the Bereans in Acts; Check whatever is being preached or taught to you against the scripture to see if what you're being told is true.


Let me start by saying that a prayer of restoration goes out to all that are hurting from this ungodly deed. Yet it is past time to deal justly within the earthly laws! Pride, sin, and shame kept every deacon and preacher from reporting Gilyard immediately! The shame keeps rearing its ugly head every time THEY keep covering for this animal. I hope everyone that allowed a child or tithing member to be hurt, gets offended! It should offend you! If any woman of God is lewdly approached by a man of the cloth or a man of the streets, it is WRONG! God is not in that mess! It is past time to render unto Caesar the things which are Caesars! The "Pretty Mouth Darryl" comment earlier in the blog was over the top, but if Gilyard goes to prison, that will be the real wages of his sins! He can whisper lewd and lascivious sweet nothings to his cell mate after lights out! I'll pray for Darrell like you asked, but can not my prayers reach beyond the prison walls?

sick of predator pastors said...

The issue of Dr. Patterson knowledge of Gilyard is a NON-ISSUE.

The big issue is that the leadership of Shiloh 14 years ago KNEW of Gilyards past and they and the church called him anyway.

Shiloh is responsible for allowing Gilyard into their fellowship which eventually led to what we are dealing with today.

I completely understand the love a person feels for their pastor and it is unbelievable when someone makes an accusation against him, but this is beyond that and the fact that he has hired Hank Coxe shows me he is under some very serious legal issues.

Gilyard is not a pastor in any sense of biblical qualifications but only in that he has a state license as a minister. The church in which he was ordained should seek to revoke his ordination and the state should revoke his ministers license.

And how about we pray for the women and girls he has victimized over the years. I get a little tired of reading prayer requests for Gilyard.

Shame on you Shiloh for even considering allowing a sexual predator into your fellowship much less your pulpit after knowing what he has done.

Blame Shiloh and Gilyard, not Patterson.

Anonymous said...

What did Paige Patterson have to say about this mess?

justice for sale? said...

No "I'm sorry!" from the Shiloh Church Leadership, Paige Patterson, Jerry Vines, Jerry Falwell, or Darrell Gilyard! You get a front-end loader to dig a lake, not a shovel! The fact of Gilyard hired Hank Coxe, tells me he's in danger of peeling potatoes for 5 years! I'll can tell you what will happen right now, fellow Saints. Hank "Lets Make a Deal" Coxe will indeed secure a $price$ of Gilyard's freedom in exchange for a no contest plea, sexual counseling, 6 months probation, and witheld adjudication! If Gilyard is rearrested for the known seperate set of text messages to the other teens, it will signify that the SAO is seriously seeking justice for his sexual batteries not just texts! Hank Coxe is a heavy weight when it comes to finding poor police work and technicalities. Let's hope the JSO doesn't allow Barney Fife to screw this one up!

Living Hope In Jesus said...

The list of false preachers, false teachers, false miracle-workers, etc., is longer than any of us realize yet we have been fore-warned by God in His inerrant and infallible Word that deceivers would grow worse and worse in the last days of which we are definitely in.

May The LORD Jesus give us grace and discernment to keep running from these wolves. May He also give us the grace needed to keep all of His true children from falling into apostacy with them.

Let's stay as close to The LORD Jesus as we can possibly get and stay focused ONLY upon Him. Let's stay faithfully in His Word. Let's run this race with Him ahead of us beckoning us to finish this race gloriously as He leads us Home.

Sincerely in The LORD and ONLY Savior Jesus Christ,
Stephen and Bonita Ann Richie

Living Hope In Jesus

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

Very well said. Thank you Stephen and Bonita Ann Richie!

the legal eye said...

Does the name Deacon Stephen Edmonds of First Baptist Church of Jacksonville ring a bell? Sending lewd emails and admitted touching possibly 13 little boys? The 1st District Court of Appeals ruled scathingly against Shorstein! Poor JSO police work and prosecution investigations and procedure on collecting evidence caused over 10 charges to be dropped. Deacon booty grabber took a plea for 6 months house arrest and probation! Now Freaky Deaky Gilyard is only facing 1 of those charges!? Hank Coxe will get him less that 3 months probation! It ain't right! The law doesn't mean a thing if we selectively enforce it!

Anonymous said...

Blame Shiloh and Gilyard, not Patterson.

January 15, 2008 8:43 AM

Patterson knew there was a problem 10 years ago. He could have used his HUGE bully pulpit to warn this man's church. He could have used his influence to warn this man publicly to get out of the ministry because he was NOT qualified.

The problem is that Patterson has so little respect for women, he did not care. Patterson is the same man who told an abused wife to just go home and 'submit' more to her husband.

Patterson is part of the problem in our churches. Do I need to even mention what he did to Dr. Klouda?

sick of predator pastors said...

Shiloh was warned in 1993.

They did not want to do anything about it, Patterson or not.

So your "ten years" ago point is moot.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if any of the decons will be arrested for their part in not reporting this or removing him?

Anonymous said...

I can't say enough of how shocked I was to learn of what happened to you by DG. I have been a member of the church you grew up in for 19 years. I never knew this had happened to you. My prayers go out to you and others that were victimized.
You are correct in some of your previous statements of JV & PP. However, I do not believe for one second that PP is innocent here. Like the lenghty pattern history and abuse of others by DG, there is a similar pattern in the fact that PP was told many, many times by these same victims of what was happening. Some of these women have stated that they were advised by PP "the church will handle it", or "I will look into it" or not even an attempt to return their calls. I find this type of attitude and action unacceptable and inexcusable. The fact is, the POLICE should have been called and advised many times.
I'm not sure where JV fits in to all of this( how much did he know, and when did he know it)and did he use his influence to try to stop DG from pastoring another church. Very sad for me to say, but something just doesn't pass the smell test here with these men that I have admired and respected for many, many years.
It just seems to be a pattern where time and time again this type of conduct by DG (oh and yes Bob Gray)have been swept under the rug and nothing being done, which tells the victim "I don't care what happened to you". Unbelieveable!
I wonder how many victims would not have a similar story to tell if people like PP or anyone else in church authority had fired DG and also requested the police to investigate.
And by the way, it is my understanding that DG is looking for a job outside of FL. What kind of a job, a church pastor? Please say it isn't so. I hope he will put on his application for his future temporary residence, "JSO".

Concerned For Victims

Anonymous said...

It was kind and so like Dr. Vines to offer a hand of forgiveness to Gilyard; as he has many others during all his years at FBC. What Gilyard did is ALL about Gilyard; no one else. Put the blame where it belongs ... with him. It's long overdue and time.

sickofthelies said...

anonymous said:

It was kind and so like Dr. Vines to offer a hand of forgiveness to Gilyard; as he has many others during all his years at FBC. What Gilyard did is ALL about Gilyard; no one else. Put the blame where it belongs ... with him. It's long overdue and time.

January 15, 2008 4:42 PM


While it is true that the blame belongs at the feet of DG, the fact of the matter is that he had enablers: JV, PP, to name a few.

The women that had been assaulted by DG were simply not important enough to " the powers that be" for them to do anything about it.

These Baptist leaders these days
should be wearing a black turban.
What's next? The stoning to death of the women who are assaulted?

Anonymous said...


WE had a situation in Memphis, TN at Bellevue Baptist Church where a minister who had served on staff for 32 years was forced by his 31y/o son to go to the pastor, Steve Gaines, and confess that when the son was an adolescent, the minister had sodomized him over a period of time.

What did Steve Gaines do? He decided that " it was under the blood" and sent him back to do his job at the church, even giving him a raise. What was his job? His job, among other things, was to counsel women who had been sexually abused as children. This gave him an opportunity to further abuse the women by asking them vile, vulgar questions. Additionally, he was also sent back to be involved in the CHILDREN'S Bible Memory Awards.

Not until 6 months later when the son threatened Steve Gaines that he would go public with the information did SG tell the perpetrator that he would have to leave while it was investigated.

As horrible as this act by Steve Gaines was, what is even more appauling is that many in the congregation have taken a " so what" attitude, giving these excuses as to why it was/is no big deal:

1) It happened a long time ago
2) He only had one victim ( no evidence of this)
3) It only happened one time ( this is blatently not true)

So when I tell you all to beware, do not automatically expect that the people in DG's church are going to be outraged. Many will be giving excuses like I have already told you about.

Remember, the man that the BBC folks are making excuses for actually SODOMIZED his 11 y/o son.
People have turned a blind eye to the victim in this case, instead making Steve Gaines and the minister victims, actually giving SG standing ovations after it was all revealed!

People do not want to think that their religious leaders are this cavalier, becuase it would damage their faith. They have placed their faith in men, and not God.

As a result, thousands of hurting people have left Bellevue Baptist Church, opting not to stay in an opastate church, but Steve Gaines is still there.

You are going to be amazed to the reaction of people regarding DG. It will leave you speechless.

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

This is why the scriptures talk about Godlessness in the last days...while evil men and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. (II Tim. 3)

Anonymous said...

To Sickofthelies:

There are no enablers; put the blame where it belongs ... again ... it doesn't take a rocket scientist.

Anonymous said...

anon10:40 you've got to be kidding!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sick of predator pastors said...

Anon January 16, 2008 12:40 AM

You are going way over the line with that comment.

Tiffany, I hope you delete that comment.

Anonymous said...

It is very discouraging to me to read these comments, but just because it is DISCOURAGING to me doesn't mean that the TRUTH SHOULDN'T COME OUT. Several years ago, a pastor in a church my family attended chose to attack my dad (who was on staff) by attacking me personally.. and I became everyone's favorite target of attack in that church (the church split and the staff left, it was that bad and it was all based on a LIE) People were even having VISIONS FROM GOD about me (i guess they ate too much linguine)...and yes it was a southern baptist church, and I have not gone back to church much since...until I started to attend First Baptist a few months ago. I love the church, think its great, but when i hear about cover-ups, and see people blaming innocent people like these people doing this blog and the victims of Darrell Gilyard, it nauseates me to the point that sometimes I feel like saying it was stupid to come back to a southern baptist church. HOWEVER, GOD is all about TRUTH, and even though its discouraging to hear these things, I am PROUD of these women for standing up against a person in the pulpit who told lies. God can NEVER work in a situation where the shepherd of the church tells lies. (but i wouldn't look for too much jail time, because it probably won't happen.) This was a PASTOR, and what a betrayal. I go completely along with the person from Bellevue who says, you won't believe how some people will treat Darrell Gilyard. You will be shocked how they will act like he is right, and the victim is wrong. It seems to be a thing in baptist churches, (and catholic churches, etc. from what i see) But DON'T be discouraged from doing the right thing. C Treadway

Anonymous said...

All I want to see now, to top this all off, are the other women and the children Darrell has fathered with them to come out!

Becky said...

This posted a few years ago in Dallas.. Check it out

The downfall of a pastor

Allegations of sexual misdeeds detailed

Rebecca Sherman

Special Contributor to The Dallas Morning News
Published: JULY 14, 1991

Well before Pastor Darrell Gilyard appeared Wednesday in the pulpit of Victory Baptist Church, more than half the church's 800 members had rushed from their homes and jobs for fear of missing the hastily called meeting. And while they knew that their charismatic preacher was being pressured to resign, many prayed for his last-minute redemption.

The crowd was starkly quiet as the 29-year-old minister confessed that he had sinned against God, his family and those who sat before him. He shoved aside a speech that had been prepared by Dr. Paige Patterson, his mentor and former teacher at Criswell College. "This book tells me what to do with my sin,' Mr. Gilyard said, clutching a worn Bible.

"It has been with me everywhere. It's been in the various foster homes, it's been under the bridge with me.

This is far more than a moment of tragedy and failure. It is a moment of triumph. I have walked away from yet another bridge, a bridge of triumph."

What he didn't say was that for the fourth time in four years, he had been forced to walk away from a congregation. A growing number of women in the Richardson church said their pastor had sexually abused them. One said he had had sex with her in the pastor's study. Another said she received lewd phone calls and, most recently, a woman said he raped her.

Mr. Gilyard, unavailable for comment since his resignation, left behind a Baptist model, of sorts, for integrated membership and a reputation as one of the most widely sought black evangelists by predominantly white Baptist congregations. Both his home and mobile phone numbers have been changed.

The morning after the resignation, Dr. Patterson described Mr. Gilyard as one of the "most brilliant men in the pulpit.' - Mr. Gilyard credited his appearances on the Old Time Gospel Hour, a weekly television program produced by evangelist Jerry Falwell. It was Mr. Falwell who promoted The Darrell Gilyard Story, a video biography of a young black orphan who rose to prominence after he had spent his teen-age years living under a bridge in Florida.

Although Victory Baptist is not officially affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, Mr. Gilyard and the church embraced the principles and guidelines of the group and looked to the organization and its largest church, First Baptist, for support and guidance.

Likewise, Dr. Patterson, president of Criswell College, located in the First Baptist complex, was Mr. Gilyard's former teacher and mentor.

Though many of the women who say they were involved with Mr. Gilyard said they feel guilt over their participation, they are angry at church officials who, they said, did little to protect them. One woman who said she had had a long-term affair with Mr. Gilyard said her phone calls requesting a meeting with Dr. Patterson were not returned. "His secretary said unless I had proof, he wouldn't see me.' Others recall meetings with church officials at both Victory Baptist and First Baptist churches who drilled them with questions about their emotional stability and their relationships with other men.

First Baptist officials said they knew of the allegations of sexual misconduct, which began as long as four years ago when Mr. Gilyard was removed as assistant pastor of Concord Missionary Baptist Church in Oak Cliff. But they said they did not believe those allegations, and continued to recommend him. "We were dealing with a man of special gifts and talents,' Dr. Patterson said. "I was unwilling to call anyone guilty until I had demonstratable evidence that these allegations were true.' Dr. Patterson said that according to Scriptures, action cannot be taken against a minister accused of adultery unless there are two or more witnesses. He also asked for any other proof, such as photographs, videotapes or laboratory tests.

In the interim, the dynamic preacher became even more visible.

In addition to frequent appearances on Old Time Gospel Hour, he maintained a heavy speaking schedule across the country, drawing huge crowds wherever he spoke. Most recently, he shared a platform with Iran-contra figure Oliver North at the Southern Baptist Convention in Atlanta. "Their greed eclipsed their vision of reality,' said the Rev. E.K. Bailey, pastor of Concord Missionary Baptist Church, where Mr. Gilyard had been removed in 1987 amid allegations of sexual improprieties. Others, such as Dr. Patterson, paint Mr. Gilyard as a victim. "It's amazing,' Dr. Patterson said, "how jealousy, frustration and racism can be motives for making accusations.'

Intimate secrets

The Rev. Darrell Gilyard built Victory on conservative values, particularly when it came to women. He would not allow them to usher, serve on the finance committee, teach men or take classes with them.

But outside the church, according to the women who claim to have been victimized by him, Mr. Gilyard spent most of his time with women. Those who talked with The Dallas Morning News about their experiences asked to remain anonymous.

"I heard him preach at Concord for the first time, and I was amazed,' said one woman. "I was touched by his story of being orphaned. I thought he was special, anointed.' Soon after, she said, friends told her that the pastor, married since 1985, had made sexual advances toward them. She said he began asking her to lunch and she accepted. "He'd flatter me, say I was pretty. In the back of my mind, I knew something wasn't right.'

The woman said the minister followed up with late-night phone calls asking her to meet him in her garage, where her husband wouldn't see them. She said she refused. "I was afraid to tell anybody,' she said. "I knew what he said about friends of mine, how he spread rumors about them and told me (their) secrets.'

The calls persisted for three or four months, the woman said, until finally she told him to stop. "He would go and preach every Sunday against adultery and premarital sex and fornication,' she said, "and then afterwards, he'd call and beg me to meet him at a hotel.'

Another woma n was a student at Criswell College in 1988 when Mr. Gilyard preached at the school. He later asked for volunteers to work at Shiloh Baptist Church in Garland, his third preaching position. Mr. Gilyard began calling her, the woman said, asking her out to lunch. She accepted. "He was very, very suggestive to me, asking me if I liked him, liked how he looked. He wanted me to tell him intimate secrets. I asked if his wife knew about this, and he got mad.' She said the pastor who preached so humbly in the pulpit was arrogant and conceited outside church. "One time I remember something good happened at the church and I said, "Glory be to God!' and he said: "God? Glory be to me. I did it, not God.' '

The woman said she began hearing similar stories from friends at the college who attended Shiloh, where Mr. Gilyard was assistant pastor.

In 1989, she says she made an appointment with Paige Patterson, one of the most prominent figures in the Southern Baptist Convention. "Darrell was there with his wife and an attorney,' the woman said. "He confronted me and said I wore suggestive clothing. I don't even own suggestive clothing.

"Paige Patterson asked me to refrain from speaking to anybody about this. He said unless I came back with two witnesses or proof that something had happened, not to come back.'

Another woman who was drawn to Mr. Gilyard's preaching left the Concord church after Mr. Gilyard was fired. "We couldn't believe that he had done anything.' She said she and her husband corresponded with Mr. Gilyard during the next year while he was assistant pastor of Hilltop Baptist Church in Norman, Okla., in the fall of 1987. She said she was thrilled when he came back to Dallas.

One evening, she said, he called her late at night and told her he had been having sexual fantasies about her. "I thought he had some problem that he just needed to talk about, so I said I'd pray for him.' She said the pastor asked her to meet him later in a hotel or at the church. "I agreed to meet him at the church,' she said. "There was nobody there, it was at night. We were talking by the pulpit, and we started kissing. Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me down onto the - floor, right there in the church. I was in a state of shock. This was a man I trusted. I didn't know what to do. Then he was on top of me.' She said she was able to free herself and leave. But the calls continued, she said. "I told him what we did was wrong. I even called Paige Patterson to tell him what had happened.' She said Dr. Patterson would not take her calls. "He told his secretary to tell me that unless I had some kind of proof, not to call back.'

The woman said she prayed about it for a month and wrote Dr. Patterson a detailed, 10-page letter. "He called me, but he wouldn't agree to meet with me.'

Dr. Patterson said recently that he did not recall the woman or the letter.

Another woman joined Victory Baptist shortly after she moved to Dallas last year. Mr. Gilyard offered her a job at the church. "He called about 10 o'clock one night and said he wanted to talk about my work,' she recalled. "We talked for a while like that, then the conversation shifted and he started getting real personal.

He wanted to know what attracted me to him. I should have hung up, but I felt flattered.' She said the phone call became more sexually explicit until finally she hung up. "I felt dirty and sick afterward,' she said.

She said she told Darrell DeBoard, the administrator at Victory Baptist, two or three days later. The woman said she also quit her job at the church and moved out of town that weekend.

Mr. DeBoard declined to discuss the incident, saying he could not violate a confidence.

Another married woman who met Mr. Gilyard at Concord said that Mr. Gilyard parlayed flattery into a sexual relationship. "He planted things in my mind -- bad thoughts about my husband,' she said. "He'd say things like, "You know he's not paying enough attention to you.' ' Eventually, she said, she believed him, and they began seeing each other regularly.

The woman said she ended the affair after several women at Concord confessed publicly that they, too, had been seeing the pastor. "I thought when it was all out in public like that that he would have been stopped. No matter what people say about him, it's always his word against theirs.'

No proof

Martha Dixius, a social worker who taught Sunday school at Victory Baptist, said a woman in the congregation approached her in November for help. The woman, said Ms. Dixius, had "a trust level of a 7-year-old. She is very naive.' In a counseling session, Ms. Dixius said, the woman told her that Mr. Gilyard had noted her visitor's card and phoned her the next day with an offer to show her through the church. During the tour, he asked her questions a bout her personal life.

The next evening about 6 p.m., the woman told Ms. Dixius, Mr. Gilyard drove to her apartment and called her from his car phone. "She let him in her apartment because he told her he wanted to talk about some of the problems they had discussed the night before,' Ms. Dixius said. "She told me that by 6:30, she was raped.' The woman told her she was too confused and frightened to call police. The woman told Ms. Dixius that Mr. Gilyard continued to go to her apartment for six months and have sex with her. "He would - call her from the car phone and say, "I'm coming up, let me in,' and she would be too frightened to say no.' After counseling the woman for four months, Ms. Dixius referred her to another counselor. The two counselors met with the woman and Darrell DeBoard, administrator of Victory Baptist. "The word "rape' was used a lot,' Mr. DeBoard recalled, "but I understood that to be emotional rape. She was graphic with details, so it was hard not to believe' that something had happened.

Mr. DeBoard said he asked the group not to discuss the meeting until he had a chance to pray about it. He said he did not encourage the woman to talk to police because he didn't believe that anything illegal had occurred. He said he confronted Mr. Gilyard with the woman's allegation; the pastor denied it.

Mr. DeBoard said the woman did not have proof that sexual encounters had occurred. "I told her I can do very little with it with no proof,' Mr. DeBoard said. "I came here as a minister, not to be a detective and investigate.'

Pattern of denial

Darrell Gilyard's preaching career began at Concord Missionary Baptist Church in Oak Cliff in 1985, when pastor E.K. Bailey asked him to preach one Sunday. Mr. Gilyard's oratory talent brought him numerous speaking invitations from other predominantly black churches.

But another side of Mr. Gilyard began to emerge, a side that Mr. Bailey described as greedy and racist.

"He would talk about starting a mixed-race church,' Mr. Bailey recalled, "but his actions were different. He was offended by black music and anything African-American. "He was given a car, a place to live rent-free, a good salary, but he always wanted more.'

Two years after his arrival, Mr. Gilyard was fired in front of 1,500 members at Concord for having had sexual relationships with women members.

Mr. Bailey, who said he had heard sexual allegations from "around 25' of his own members, said he assumed that would be the end of Darrell Gilyard's bright evangelistic career. "I saw Darrell Gilyard as becoming the greatest black preacher in America,' Mr. Bailey said. But news of Mr. Gilyard's firing spread instantly through Baptist circles. "African-American churches across the country canceled his speaking engagements like popcorn,' said Mr. Bailey.

Mr. Bailey said officials from First Baptist attended the open service during which Mr. Gilyard was fired but later decided there was not enough evidence to further investigate Mr. Gilyard. "Paige Patterson wrote me an unkind letter over the whole ordeal,' Mr. Bailey said. "He basically told me that he would have come out to my church and solved the problem for me if I had told him first.'

Mr. Bailey says First Baptist continued to promote Mr. Gilyard throughout the predominantly white Southern Baptist churches. "You saw his star rising and rising,' said Mr. Bailey, "and you knew what kind of a person he was.'

Mr. Gilyard had little trouble gaining employment as assistant pastor for Hilltop Baptist Church in Norman, Okla. "I had heard the rumor s about him,' said the Rev. Dan Maxwell, the church's former pastor. "But Paige Patterson said he had been out there and talked to the women and there had been nothing to - substantiate the allegations.

"Darrell was really no help at all. He'd pop in and give a sermon, pop out.' Mr. Gilyard stayed less than a year, and within a week after his return to the Dallas area, allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced at the Hilltop church. Two women told church officials that Mr. Gilyard had made sexual advance s toward them, Mr. Maxwell said, and a third woman confessed to an affair with Mr. Gilyard.

Mr. Maxwell says he took his information to Dr. Patterson. Dr. Patterson spoke to the woman and said he did not believe her story. "That individual's story change d many times,' Dr. Patterson said. "That bothered me.'

In 1989, when Mr. Gilyard was an assistant at Shiloh Baptist in Garland, the allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced again. Dr. Patterson met with two women who represented friends who, they said, were involved with Mr. Gilyard. Mr. Maxwell was asked to attend, as were Mr. Gilyard and his wife and other First Baptist officials. Don Simpkins, a pastoral counselor, also attended. Mr. Bailey said he was not invited.

Mr. Simpkins said the group did not focus on details of the allegations, but delved into the women's pasts. "We wanted to know if these women making the allegations had a history of psychological problems, if they had been on medication or seeing counselors,' Mr. Simpkins said. "We wanted to know if they were divorced.' "We decided that these women weren't telling the truth. That Darrell Gilyard was basically a guy who didn't know how to act around women.'

"I have always felt bad because of it,' said Mr. Maxwell. "A number of pastors have called me and asked what happened at our church. I always tell the truth, but nothing is ever done about it. I don't know how long I can keep telling the story and not be listened to.'

Mr. Simpkins said Dr. Patterson asked him to counsel Mr. Gilyard once a week. "I was supposed to "polish the rough edges,' ' said Mr. Simpkins. Mr. Simpkins said that after a few visits with Mr. Gilyard, he suspected some "personality disorders' and wanted to test Mr. Gilyard . "He refused,' Mr. Simpkins recalled, "so I called Paige to let him know it wasn't going well, but he never returned any of my calls.' Mr. Simpkins said he counseled Mr. Gilyard eight times before he ended their relationship.

"The first I had heard that Mr. Gilyard had stopped counseling was several days ago,' Dr. Patterson said Thursday.

Mr. Simpkins said he spoke to The News after recent attempts to force Mr. Gilyard's resignation failed. "I realize now that I was wrong not to believe these women,' Mr. Simpkins said. "I believe it's time now to do the right thing.' Mr. Simpkins said he believes allegations against Mr. Gilyard that surfaced last year were covered up by Victory and First Baptist officials.

The allegations, which have come from at least four women members, were brought out in a meeting last month when an attempt to force Mr. Gilyard to resign failed.

Mr. Gilyard admitted, Dr. Patterson said, to several sexual relationships with women.

Dr. Patterson said he has withdrawn all support from Mr. Gilyard - and has asked that the pastor and his wife attend a two-week rehabilitation session. "Mr. Gilyard is no longer qualified to pastor a church,' said Dr. Patterson. He also asked Mr. Gilyard not preach or pastor a church for two years -- and then only if he can prove he has been rehabilitated. "In retrospect, Darrell should have been in counseling all along,' Dr. Patterson said.

Leaders at Victory, meanwhile, said that Mr. Gilyard may have rallied enough supporters to call for a vote for reinstatement as early as Sunday.

See also:

"Richardson minister quits amid sex charges," Dallas Morning News, 7/12/91

"Pastor who quit in sex case speaks at new church, Dallas Morning News, 7/22/91

becky said...

Why is this Sexual Predator still being paid. Here is his letter of resignation...

December 21, 2007

Mr. Roy McIntyre
Chair, Board of Trustees

Mr. Carlton Pringle
Chair, Board of Deacons

Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church
1118 West Beaver Street
Jacksonville, FL. 32204

Dear Mr. McIntyre and Mr. Pringle:

In light of the recent issues that have been brought to our attention, I have made a decision, in counsel with representatives of Shiloh, to voluntarily agree to take an indefinite paid, administrative leave of absence. It is my goal, during this time, to have a complete and thorough review of the facts. Once this is completed we will discuss how to proceed accordingly.


Pastor Darrell L. Gilyard
Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church

Anonymous said...


I heard from a source close to this sitution that he is no longer getting paid

Robin in Michigan said...

I am praying for God's will in this situation. All of us need to remember that Pastor's are human. Daryl Gilyard needs our prayers. I (for one) am still stumbling on my journey as a Christian. Thank God for his grace or else where would we all be. If there is true repentence then he is forgiven (just like all of us). Are there still consequences to sins? Yes, absolutely. I pray he will take his lumps and go on to share God's word where ever he ends up.

Pastor Rod H. said...

Dear Robin in Michigan all believers are sinners saved by the grace(unmerited,unearned)and mercy of God thru Christ Jesus.But in order for one to be forgiven one must geniunely be remorseful and broken over sin(blessed are they who mourn)and realize their lack of the required righteousness(perfection)that GOD requires.These broken hearted people then seek the righteousness necessary by repenting and confessing that Jesus Christ is lord and Savior(Rom.10:9-10,14).If anyone does not truly hate the sin in their lives and repent and confess to the Lord for His salvation and righteousness they can't and are not saved.I was a member of Darrell church(Shiloh)for approx.7 years and all I ever witnessed of Darrell was an arrogant,conceited,abusive,condensending(to staff and members),greedy,whoremongering,unrepentant man who believe that no one could touch him.The tragedy of it all Robin is that he never ever showed even the slightest signs of remorse for his misdeeds.Robin if we truly love the Lord Jesus HE said we would "KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS"and if and when we do fall short we have an Advocate sitting at the right hand of The Father interceding for us,and "If we will confess are sins HE is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness"(1John 1:9).A true beleiever is never to to be a habitual sinner who for over 20 + years has continued with and unbroken pattern of preying on women and now possibly chlidren.Pray for Darrell's salvation,but he must never be allowed again to pastor a CHURCH.

EW said...

It is correct that any view held by Believers, should be based on Truth when dealing with Darrell. I was a member of Concord M.B. Church in Dallas. I was there when Darrell was not only fired, but "evicted" as scripture mandated. You people are talking about this reprobate as though he is some poor lost soul! Paige Patterson is just as guilty before God with his racist motives. May God have mercy on his soul for what his blatant sinfulness has cost the body of Christ!

As God is my witness and that of many others, Darrell gave me a deep and eternal fear of what the Anti-Christ will be like. I have encountered demons before who filled the atmosphere with their evil presence, but I have never experienced anything even close to Satan, himself; motivated evil, fiendish, filthiness, lascivious and cunning insidiousness in one individual until I met Darrell! Not since the bold daring of the temptation of Christ by the Devil have I seen an evil personality maneuver through scripture as as skillfully as Darrell.

I am sad that this satanic assault was allowed, but the fault belongs to a sordid history much older than Darrell's past, much older than Darrell, himself. A racist who calls himself a Christian is either in need of spiritual maturity (and is not qualified for spiritual leadership) or a reality check as to his claim of Christianity.

ytryeyre said...

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