Tuesday, January 15, 2008

David vs. Goliath

The Detectives and the State's Attorneys office are doing their jobs well. They are working tirelessly and have now made the arrest. The media is staying on top of the story and doing a great job of keeping the focus on Darrell and not on the church. Many feared it would become a slam on the church. The victims are being brave as they have told their stories. Prayer warriors are praying for justice, for repentance, for the healing of the victims and the families many involved. Many people have come forward sharing their knowledge of events that have been covered up these last years at Shiloh. Many people are not willing to remain silent anymore.
I am so thankful for all of you!!!! Thank you for standing up and deciding to put an end to this.

Many of you have shared your concerns about his attorney trying to get him a plea bargain and light sentence. Well, we can help with that. Please understand, although the arrest has been made, there is still a need for more of you to tell your stories. Not just victims, but stories that have bothered you (or sickened) regarding relationships that he was having or women he tried to seduce, even if it is something you knew happened and weren't a part of directly. It is time to expose it. The fear is that you may have to testify - remember, he may plea out and never face the court. This is even more likely if there are tons of accounts, he won't want all of it to come out. This will also give the investigators more to go on. Even one story is important, and then they all begin to come together.

If you have any information, you can call the State's Attorneys' office 630-2490 ask for Julie Sachs voicemail and leave the information there, or you can email me at thefamilycircus5@comcast.net and I will forward the email to the SA.

Thank you for your help and to those of you who have already shared so much!


Anonymous said...

I am a little confused. I thought DG was charged with lewd and lascivious conduct on a victim under 16 years of age. Tiffany, I think you are confusing the issue? Please try and remember the minors at hand and stop posting comments related to personal interests or hearsay.

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

I am sorry you misunderstood my intentions. This is not about personal interest or hearsay, but the actual events that have taken place. There are many who know what I am referring to. The depths of this sin and corruption would cause you to be speechless, trust me. The full story may not ever be fully seen publicly, and doesn't necessarily need to be. However, for the investigation, it needs to be spoken. That is why I have not asked anyone to tell their story publicly or on this blog. This is personal and private and needs to go straight to the SA rather than through me. For whatever reason, some people feel more comfortable sharing with me and have me pass it along, which is why I left that option.
I wanted to clarify this, I am gaining nothing here and this is not about me.

watchman said...

The fear of man bringeth a snare...

Fear of litigation has molded the minds of many a board member who have acted as though God should be only obeyed when there is no potential for a lawsuit.

I know of many a board member of Bible and Baptist Churches who have told me privately that I would be astonised at just how little Biblical Church discipline is ever accomplished due to FEAR of the court system and lawyers.

Money and Fear of Man rules most churches with cowards in the leadership roles.

Where are the men of GOD, who would rather obey GOD and let the courts and public opinion close the doors of The Church before even once entertaining the idea of WILLFULLY DISOBEYING and displeasing their LORD?

Time for a house cleaning..willfully disobedient and cowardly man-pleasing wimps make lousy shepherds.

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

I couldn't agree more Watchman! The "Fear of God" is rare in this day and time. How sad it must make our Father.



I don't understand why some anonymous bloggers respond to you in such sharp and strong undertones, as if you and any prospective victims coming forward are the offenders! This callous and sinful disrespect for everyone but GILYARD is why he has the audacity to go searching for his fifth mega-church we know of! Pretty Mouth Darrell, as someone put earlier, will be pleading the fifth in a little while. The current charge filed as of now, is a 2nd degree felony and punishable by up to 15 years. While we all know former Deacon Edmonds of FBC beat the system on the same of 13 lewd charges, Gilyard doesn't "resemble" Edmonds! It's a hard saying and I'm sorry, but that is reality. May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, grant rest, recompense, and restoration to every Woman of God that this animal attempted to ruin. The Grace of God, and some years talking to a horny muscular cellmate will save Gilyard's soul!

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that there is more to your story that you're willing to admit. However, this shouldn't be about you or any other "consenting" adult. The focus should be on the two underaged girls involved.

By the way, un-welcomed advances does not make YOU a victim.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that God is pleased with what you're doing here? Please go back and read some of your comments and do some self-examination.

Anonymous said...

Tiffany was no victim. She was an adult and acted on her own free will. If I'm wrong please correct me.

The two young girls...they're victims!

Anonymous said...

When a married pastor, a man of God, a man who has been ordained by God, a man of authority makes an unwanted pass at a grown woman, she MOST CERTAINLY is a victim!!!

I wonder if anoonymous 4:20 is a man...

Anonymous said...

IT's called betrayal!!!

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

This is a really worn out comment..victim or not a victim. Can we focus on the problem at hand please? I am not going to sit here and defend myself - this is not about me. I am a voice right now, that is all. I do not like the title victim, I do not display it or talk about it (only in this forum). Truth be told, by the grace of God, I am an OVERCOMER just like these other women will be able to say about themselves. That is the goal here.
First, we have to insure that he does not walk away and victimize again. He is hoping to get off on a light sentence and as you heard on the news, he is already looking for another job. There are at least a hundred VICTIMS (from 1987 to now) isn't that enough?
I understand you are unclear on my role, that's fine. I was a senior in high school and unclear of this Pastors unwanted behavior. He went on to do more and more and more. This is not about me, it is about him, and putting an end to his ability to lead people astray. Yes, I think God is proud of all of us because He detests Shepherds leading His sheep astray. It is Biblical. And his word says that after he (an elder) has been confronted, and there are two or more witnesses, and he still does not repent and turn from his ways, he is to be rebuked publicly, so that others may take warning. (II TIM. 5:19)
I hope you can pray about this and search His word and see how He would want you to respond.

Anonymous said...


i am confused about the importance of going to the SA office about anything that one may know if it does not pertain to the underage victims. I know a WHOLE LOT about DG outside of these 2 girls but how will that help this case?

Anonymous said...

Any information will help to keep predators for hurting others. I hate it when people think she had to ask for it when she is being violated. Violation can be done to anyone of any age. All violations count. All are sick!!

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

The victims that the public know about are the ones that are in the news. I have been told of other stories of young victims and other secrets. These need to be told to the authorities so that they can further build the case and secure his conviction. Every story and testimony is important to investigators even if you think it is insignificant. Also showing that this is not isolated and that he has patterns and uncontrolable behavior.

Green man said...

I Love what your doin Tiffany.

This man has issues, problems and addictions with young women/girls.

Let make sure him and other church leader dont use their roles to prey on the weak and the young.

Anonymous said...

Here, here stop the preying predator. I just hate it that when a person has been violated, not only are they hurt by the predator but then by people defending the predator.
If you know anything and don't tell, then you are just as guilty. So, when you hear it helping again because you did not do anything, Could you live with that? Can you live with it now? You may think you can but I am sure it will affect your life some kind of way. It will be in your mind. It's a violation of your spirit. You will always beat yourself up thinking what you should have done. Feeling damage or unclean. As if it is written on your forehead. So if you think you do not want people to know. Guess what, they will anyway. You know why, because you are going to tell now or later. You are going to tell in your words or your actions. You are even going to feel they know who you are anyway. The violation showing up in every aspect of your life anyway. Why do you think it’s called violation. It don’t just affect you, it affects your whole family. Walking on needles and being afraid to talk. Beating themselves up inside and full of angry they do not know is there. The violation will not just go away like that. You will walk it, breathe it. It will not go away total but it show feel better than you fought for yourself. It makes you wonder how people could ever speak so harsh to a victim. They are already being tormented. It could be a very hard thing to live with you unless you address it. PTSD is no joke, it just do not just go away. Do not let predators and the ones who allow predators to continue and make you a victim again. Take back your life. You are not alone. When do enough becomes enough. When do the hurt stop. You can save someone else. You can help make changes that will bring on awareness. Do not do it for someone else. This is personal and internal. Do it for yourself. Love yourself that someone thought you do not matter. Do it for yourself to being healing yourself. Does it for yourself because you know deep inside, this will happen again and do you really want to beat yourself up about that too. Well it’s your call, you have support. Many victims did not, they had to fight alone. God will not put more on you than you can handle. He will give you a way to escape. You know if someone tries to belittle you or look down on you, they just did you a favor. You do not need to be around them anyway. See when it’s not them, they all can be condescended. But see we know the feeling and would not wish that on anyone. When a predator violates a person it is not about the person, it’s about selfishness and control. STOP, giving him control. Aren’t we tired of predators! Then do something about it. It will not stop or lessen until a stand is made. They do not have rights, did they think of yours? You will be giving yourself a gift. Make a stand for yourself.
Don't let this continue on and on.

Anonymous said...

I am applauded by this site. Who every is responsible will suffer just like Darrell. You should never rejoice over fall of a brother regardless of the situation because vengeance is the Lord's. And by the way, if he did do something to a young girl it is horrible. But these adult women were willing participants. No one forced them. It takes two. So don't play that sympathy card. You should be ashamed and take this site down immediately because if you are a Christian and Darrell is a Christian you will see each other in heaven. Just stop it! No one wins and it does not demonstrate forgiveness which is the hallmark of Christians. God will certainly discipline Darrell. He will not escape our just and loving God. But He will discipline you too for putting up this site. Remember God knows our hearts. I am praying for all parties involved because nobody wins. This is a lesson for all churches and Christians. May God have mercy on us all.

Anonymous said...

Please call the State's Attorneys' office 630-2490 with any information regarding ANY abuse by Gilyard. You will not be broadcasted to the world.

Greenman said...

Yes, like everyone DG needs forgiveness.

But he also needs to repent(apologize to God and the church for lying and decieving members)

Then he needs to pay for his crimes
(be it prison, a fine, or registering as a SEX OFFENDER)

And if you have to call this man out with a web-site to bring him to justice cause the leaders around him didnt, Then so be it.

Fooling around with grown women isnt a crime, but I wouldnt want that man as a pastor leading a church, no matter how well he preaches.

I know pastors arent perfect,
But as the LEADER OF THE CHURCH I would expect the man of God to keep his pants up around his waist instead of down around his ankles.

dont think thats to much to ask.

SecureOne said...

I'd like to address some of the "haters" here on the blog.
1. Tiffany's heart is right as are her intentions.
2. There is no "rejoicing in a brothers downfall." The only rejoicing is that the victimization of ALL of these women has finally been uncovered after more than 20 years! Do you realize that there are potentionally 100 or more victims?
3. This isn't the only minor that it has happened to.
4. Given the fact that he abused his position and counseled women who were in a vunerable position is not only ethically wrong but morally also. Hence the label "victim." How many times have we all heard of a dentist, doctor, pysc., or other professional taking advantage of a patient? You are the same ones saying that they are unfit to practice! What makes DG above the law? Nothing, and he should and will have to answer to these allegations.
5. There is no shame for this site's existance nor should it be removed. Do you realize how many people visit this site per day? How many tips are generated? How many victims have spoken out(not only here but in private mail)? This isn't about slander but about the truth comeing out. How much personal time Tiffany has spent assisting others to recover and heal all without asking for ANYTHING except for those affected to come forward????
6. So please if you must be negative, don't take offense or hate, just move along.

I'll leave you with this....
The Choice has been made.
There is no looking back.
I have stepped over the line.
I won't let up, back up, give up, or shut up.
My focus is clear.
My path straight.
My God reliable.

God Bless All of those involved.

SecureOne said...

I like greenman!!!! Amen Brother!

Anonymous said...

For every tree is known by his own fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapesa. A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh. Lk 6:44-46). Inc.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:29:

Sorry, but I won't pull any punches here.

You are one confused person. It is Christians like you who give Christianity a bad name. This site is SHINING LIGHT IN A DARK PLACE.

Tiffany should absolutely not shut this site down. This site is doing GOD'S WORK in exposing the gross sin of a freak called Darrel Gilyard. Any man who preys on teenagers, or preys on women who have come to him for counseling is not a Christian...in fact he is the worst of all human beings as he is posing as a pastor and then eating the sheep. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Tiffany is helping to expose this man, and the entire world and Christendom will be BETTER not WORSE the more light is shown on this man.

You are insane if you think that women who go to their pastor for Christian counseling and are seduced by a slick, sick, sorry of an excuse of a man are not victims. They are victims too.

You go Tiffany. You go all the way with this blog and help expose Gilyard and the other sorry pastors who abuse their congregations. We're cheering you on. And God is pleased with what you are doing, and the spirit within which you are doing it. Don't let these people who really don't know which way is up confuse you into thinking this blog is wrong.

LakeButler ControlRoom said...

"Attention on the compound! Attention on the compound! Inmate Darrell Gilyard you have a visitor. Inmate Darrell Gilyard, report to the Visitation Park immediately!"

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

Anon at 8:45: Thank you for a supportive comment. I appreciate all the comments here, positive or negative - that is a representation of how we were created, all different with various thoughts and opinions. And different ways of expressing ourselves.

Anon 8:04 Great scripture reference that I also agree pertains to this situation. The only good fruits produced through this mans preaching came from the power of the word of God and God himself, as his fruits show and really his actions he was a wolf in sheeps clothing.

Many Godly men have stumbled. Many have repented and confessed and recieved help. That is the God honoring way to handle things. This situation for the last 20 years has not shown repentance nor a change of heart and certainly no fear of God. That is why this is so important - if he was repentant and broken, we would not have this number of victims nor this site. For those of you who claim he is broken and repentant now, where do you see evidence of that? By him not admitting, by him requesting for paid leave, hiring a big attorney, talk of looking for another job... I see no change. Hopefully he will get to the point of brokeness, then God can really work in Him. And if this ever happens we as christians should rejoice in the work GOD has done. In the mean time, we can hope and pray, but we cannot remain silent.

Anonymous said...

Lakebutler control room:

DG will be awfully comfortable there at Lake Butler, living in that "gated" community...he's been behind the "gates" at Queens Harbor in a million dollar house, now he will be in an even bigger, more expensive house, and its still behind an even better "gate"...one that has barbed wire to keep the plebes out!

"Hey Charlie - isn't that pretty boy over there that Jacksonville preacher that liked little girls? Oh yes, it is...say, he's cute, and he looks LUCIOUS...I think we'll change his name from Darrell to Donna....HEY DONNA....come over here, we've got something for ya!"

Anonymous said...

What about all the people we won't meet in heaven because of damage done to them by Darrell Gilyard?
I hope he straightens out his life. (In jail, not in another church doing more harm to people) And everybody who has kept their mouth shut for years, you share in the responsibility for this "pastors" behavior. Why did Shiloh let this guy become their pastor in the first place is my only real question. cindy treadway

Greenman said...


you said, "I wanted to clarify this, I am gaining nothing here"

I think you are gaining something...ITS CALLED RESPECT!

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

Greenman, you will never know how much that meant, thank you.

Anonymous said...

When are the civil lawsuits going to be filed?

As in the Trinity Church cases, it requires subpoenas and statements under oath for the truth to come out.

Anonymous said...

The purpose of this site should be to encourage victims to come forth. Some of the comments about the victims & accused are distasteful. Just remember, James 4:11-12 says, Speak not evil one of another, brethren. He that speaketh evil of his brother, and judgeth his brother, speaketh evil of the law, and judgeth the law: but if thou judge the law, thou art not a doer of the law, but a judge. There is one lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy: who art thou that judgest another?

A basic spiritual principle is: The measure we use for others, God will use for us. If we do not judge others, God will not judge us; if we do not condemn others, God will not condemn us; if we forgive, God forgives us even more; so let us give, and God will give to us a full measure, a generous helping, poured into our hands, more than we can hold.

Let the excitement of knowing Christ be apparent in your life and conversation. Allow others to see your love for Christ. If someone has been victimized, pray and seek God's guidance. Our God has all power! Our God is omnipotent! Our God has all love! Our God can heal the victims and the accused!

Voice_of_reason said...

Tiffany - the issue is about more than sexual abuse by pastors. It is about the SBC "system" and the way it is set up that allows a few powerful pastors to surround themselves with "yes men" who will protect them and look the other way when they see the sheep/congregation being abused. For example, Mac Brunson at FBC Jax accepting a $307,000 gift from a member only two weeks after he arrived! And people say its not any of our business since it was a personal gift. How do they know that? Wouldn't common sense say no man would give another such a gift only two weeks after the pastor arrived. Perhaps it was part of the enticement for him to come? But if so, why not disclose that? Wouldn't that reflect on his motives for coming? He admitted he had told the pastor search committee "no" to their offer. Maybe this swung him, or his wife, in the prayerful desire to do God's will. Or if it is a blessing from the Lord, wouldn't he give praise and thanks to the Lord from the pulpit? He has never acknowledged such a gift! Either way, it makes many of us question his integrity and motives as a preacher. Many lost people think preachers are only in it for the money. This makes it difficult for mac to ever claim his motives are pure. And I used to think Vines or Patterson would counsel the brother to stop this greedy behaviour of nepotism and fleeceing the flock. But if they won't say anything about Gilyard, why would they dare say anything about Mac? And they call bloggers cowards?

And I wonder what Vines or Patterson think about by-law changes that are not freely distributed or discussed prior to a vote on them? What about if those changes gave the pastor more power to appoint committee members and more authority in spending matters and formed a discipline committee. Would this be a new pastor you could love, respect, and follow?

What do Vines and Patterson think about nepotism? If a pastor hires his wife and son to full time, salaried positions, shouldn't their job titles and duties at least be known, or listed on the web site like every other staff member? Or would arrogance say "I don't need to explain anything to anybody."

What about a 6 bedroom, 4.5 bath mansion on the golf course in a gated community after only one year on the job? Is that the message the baptist preacher is trying to send to the JAX community?

Why discuss this in this thread? Because mega-church pastors, including Gilyard and Brunson, are able to abuse people because no one holds them accountable. As Southern Baptists, with autonomous churches, we rely on the congregations to police the pastors, not a church heirarchy. But when they surround themselves with yes men, they are being put in a position to give in to their sinful flesh. Some abuse members to get sexual favors. Others take advantage of congregants to get money. What do the lay leaders in our churches do about it when they are informed this is going on? They seek to silence those who would bring it out in the open, ask them to leave, and form discipline committees. Does anyone really believe "having a meeting with the pastor" in either Gilyard's or Brunson's cases would have made one bit of difference? They are men without any accountability to anyone except God and their wives, and you can see how much that restrained them both. KEEP ON BLOGGING TIFFANY!

Lady T said...

Something I read in my devotion this morning I wanted to share:

The modern church places much emphasis on confession--often at the expense of a proper understanding of repentance. While confession of sin is mentioned twice in the New Testament (James 5:16; 1 John 1:9), repentance is talked about much more. We should be careful not to confuse the two, because a believer can confess without repentance but can't repent without confession.

It is possible to feel sorry and confess sin but change nothing. Repentance (also known as contrition) means taking responsibility for sin and committing to change a wrong action or attitude; this is essential for spiritual growth. True confession--agreeing with God's perspective about our transgression--goes hand in hand with repentance, because if we know God hates what we're doing, then we will stop.

By means of confession and contrition, the believer accepts responsibility for ridding his life of a sin through the Holy Spirit's power. Jesus' ready forgiveness shouldn't be treated like the "get out of jail free" card from a board game. We must do more than casually say, "Lord, I've messed up again--I'm sorry." To triumph over habitual sin, we must choose to resist temptation and obey God. Satan will keep harassing us, and we may fail again. But we are to keep up sincere confession and repentance until the Father gives us victory.

Repentance isn't feeling sorry or claiming weakness in the face of temptation. It's a condition wherein our spirit understands the Lord's grief over sin, grieves with Him, and commits to changing behavior to please Him.

Urwords Were Sotru said...

September 07, 2004


James 1:8 A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Character is what a man is in the dark. Your character will eventually reveal itself. The person of good character won’t just speak the truth in public; he’ll speak the truth to himself in private. He won’t even consider something like adjusting figures on his income tax forms to reflect a lie. The person of good character won’t only advocate morality in public; he will closely monitor all of his own moral choices. The person of good character won’t only demonstrate his faith in public, he will choose to become a disciplined person of faith in his private life—praying regularly even if nobody knows, reading the Scriptures even when his schedule is busy. Character is not something that can be developed in moments of crisis. It is developed in secret, over time—one decision at a time. A genuine winner is a person of good character. Decide today to make the choices necessary to develop your own character, because the person of poor character has already lost the most important game.

Darrell L. Gilyard, Sr.

victims come forth! said...

Can someone remember to present this old message from Gilyard to the sentencing judge! He wrote it, so let him hear it again for himself. Gilyard has plenty of time to write his next greatest speech to save his butt. I imagine it will be based around everything but past due repentance and apologies to all!
God shall rain abundance and restoration in the lives of all those hurt. It shall be says the Lord of Hosts!

Ms. J said...

Lady T, THANK YOU for your post! I have been researching the meaning of true repentance for myself lately. Thanks Again for sharing!!

Ms. J said...

To: Victims come forth. Thanks for your post also!! I was a member of Shiloh, and the pastor had some awesome messages. Now, I can't help but wonder if some of his messages were not written by him. Of course, there is no proof of that, but I am having a VERY hard time understanding how a person can preach such wisdom, and not be in right relationship with Jesus. Just a thought . . . .

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