Monday, January 14, 2008

Encourage the Victims Here

There are many brave people involved here and I am so proud of them all. There are many things that may never be made public, but please know that the current victims are courageous and strong and that they love the Lord and seek His blessing, and accountability, not vengeance. Please send comments of encouragement to them on this site. That would mean so much to them through this process and will help to give them strength and courage for each day ahead.

So, during this time of waiting, please use it to encourage the victims. Pray for them and for the investigators, for the families involved and for the others involved that are coming forward with past information, and pray for those who are struggling with this disappointment with feeling let down. Please keep your eyes focused on God and don't let man ruin your faith. Thank you for your time.


Anonymous said...

Here, here stop the preying predator. I just hate it that when a person has been violated, not only are they hurt by the predator but then by people defending the predator.
If you know anything and don't tell, then you are just as guilty. So, when you hear it helping again because you did not do anything, Could you live with that? Can you live with it now? You may think you can but I am sure it will affect your life some kind of way. It will be in your mind. It's a violation of your spirit. You will always beat yourself up thinking what you should have done. Feeling damage or unclean. As if it is written on your forehead. So if you think you do not want people to know. Guess what, they will anyway. You know why, because you are going to tell now or later. You are going to tell in your words or your actions. You are even going to feel they know who you are anyway. The violation showing up in every aspect of your life anyway. Why do you think it’s called violation. It don’t just affect you, it affects your whole family. Walking on needles and being afraid to talk. Beating themselves up inside and full of angry they do not know is there. The violation will not just go away like that. You will walk it, breathe it. It will not go away total but it show feel better than you fought for yourself. It makes you wonder how people could ever speak so harsh to a victim. They are already being tormented. It could be a very hard thing to live with you unless you address it. PTSD is no joke, it just do not just go away. Do not let predators and the ones who allow predators to continue and make you a victim again. Take back your life. You are not alone. When do enough becomes enough. When do the hurt stop. You can save someone else. You can help make changes that will bring on awareness. Do not do it for someone else. This is personal and internal. Do it for yourself. Love yourself that someone thought you do not matter. Do it for yourself to being healing yourself. Does it for yourself because you know deep inside, this will happen again and do you really want to beat yourself up about that too. Well it’s your call, you have support. Many victims did not, they had to fight alone. God will not put more on you than you can handle. He will give you a way to escape. You know if someone tries to belittle you or look down on you, they just did you a favor. You do not need to be around them anyway. See when it’s not them, they all can be condescended. But see we know the feeling and would not wish that on anyone. When a predator violates a person it is not about the person, it’s about selfishness and control. STOP, giving him control. Aren’t we tired of predators! Then do something about it. It will not stop or lessen until a stand is made. They do not have rights, did they think of yours? You will be giving yourself a gift. Make a stand for yourself.
Don't let this continue on and on.


Anonymous said...


You should shut down this site. I don't know you or Gilyard, but it's clear that you are out for vengeance. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord! The Lord does not need your help. Be careful that God's vengeance isn't turned on you and all of those who are seeking vengeance. There is no greater sinner than King David, who was anointed by God and God dealt with him without help. God is now dealing with Gilyard.

Pastor Rod H. said...

To anon 10:51am.You have no idea what you are talking about.First King David was not a habitual offender unlike Darrell.Secondly God used the Prophet Nathan to call to David attention his great sin,and for hom to repent and ask God for forgivness.Thirdly there is not one scripture that indicates that David ever committed those sins again.Finally the only person in the Bible that compares to Darrell is Satan;Jesus said to the religious leaders(The preachers of that day) " You are of your father the Devil,and the desires of your father you will do.He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth,because there is no truth in him.when he speaks a lie,he speaks of whats natural to him,for he ia a liar and the father of all lies".Don't you ever compare that reprobate Darrell to a man after God's on hearts as attested by the Almighty Himself.