Friday, February 8, 2008

A Plea From A Victims Mother

Stunned Mom said...
Calling on all victims past and present of Darrell Gilyard. Please share your experiences with the States Attorney’s office. Your name will not be broadcasted, but they need your stories. Please think of future women and young teens and not just about yourself. I don’t want what happened with my daughter to happen to another female. Many people keep saying the adults knew and I agree they have some accountability, but if you’ve never been caught up in Darrell’s web, you don’t know how controlling he is. God help him please.

Darrell we forgive you as you have asked of us and required by God to do so, however we are praying that the Holy Spirit convicts you to repent and tell the truth to your lawyer and the authorities. Why waste all that money for someone to try to bury your wrong-doings?
February 8, 2008 6:27 AM


heretic said...

I read with amazment how so many people use this blog to comment on their self-righteousness and knowledge of scripture instead of focusing on how to stop a sexual predator.
Face the obvious, the word about DG is out. You have done your part and I commend you for it but by now you should realize those that want to come forward would have. Time to move on to a new strategy. Besides, the charges against DG will not stand because of the injustice of our courts in Jax.
Perjury is no longer a crime, at least not in this city. DG will just use his talent to once again talk his way out of it. I would suggest you spend more time questioning your pastors (directly)as to why they don't speak out against this kind of clergy abuse or why they are unwilling to help the victims of pastor abuse, even if it's not by their church.
Perhaps if you withhold your tithings you will get their attention and they will finally do the right thing.
Face the fact, the only way this kind of abuse can go on is because pastors allow it. I plead with the readers of this blog to call your pastor and have him account for himself on this manner and join other pastors to weed out these predators.
Debating scripture is pointless.

Anonymous said...

There may be some good news to share. I have learned that DG recently went to Atlanta to preach at a church there for a Wednesday service. The pastor called DG Tuesday evening and said that it was a 'no go' because of the things he had heard about this case. This will be the only way to stop DG. We have to keep the word out there,even if the courts are not able to hold him accountable.

Anonymous said...

Tiffany, I have a question:

I know a lot about this situation. I have known DG for approx. 10 years and know a lot about what has gone on since he became pastor at Shiloh. I am an adult though, so would it really matter to the SA office what I had to say?

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

Yes, sverything matters. They are listening to all information.

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

To Heretic:
The problem is all Pastors involved knew of this situation. We have all talked to the Pastors, the leadership. Unfortunately, they are not willing to publicly stand up. That is the very reason we are all doing this, we are the few who will stand.
Several Pastors from around the country have emailed me to say "great job, you are doing the right thing and we are praying for all of you." Many know that it is a tough thing to speak out, especially against a Pastor.
Actually, the word being out does nothing to stop this. The word was out nationwide back in 1991 when he got in trouble from the same stuff, but the publicity died quickly (a few weeks) and he moved on quietly. No one followed it or kept the spotlight on. We learned from those mistakes.

Stunned Mom said...

Amen Tiffany,

To Heretic: I agree the legal system may be flawed and nothing may not happen as far as his serving jail time but for one good thing he will always be listed as a sexual predator. Something he was not listed for previously. The only way someone would think so lightly of this matter is that it was not their child. I will do whatever it takes without breaking the law to see that he does not use the pulpit as his selection ground for abusing underage girls.

The justice system is one thing but God is over all things and He uses people to do His will. I'm obedient to Him, not to man.

heretic said...

Is anyone willing to venture a guess why Southern Baptist pastors will not publicly ask their congregation to expose and/or remove sexual predators from their mist? DG is sick but how sick must other pastors/deacons be to stand silent on this? Why would you continue to go to a church that stands silent? Tiffany, you have done the right thing but what about the church leaders, why do they continue denial of how big this problem is? What real power do they wield over you that you didn't voluntarily give? They do not control the door between you and God. Could it be they are just like DG but instead of being sexual predators they are spiritual predators? Before you comment about how righteous your pastor is think about the congregation of Shiloh, they thought the same thing.
It is time to stop pucking the pedals off one dandelion and spray herbicide on the whole yard.

Christa Brown said...

Heretic: I like your metaphor - "spray herbicide on the whole yard." Without the blind-eyed complicity of countless other church and denominational leaders, clergy-predators would not be able to persist. It is the many enablers - those leaders who turn a blind eye - who must be brought into the light of day until they are shamed into changing their conduct.

They are acting more like corporate leaders instead of religious leaders, and that's why people should stop sending their tithes to churches whose leaders have enabled such crimes. If you don't want to support tobacco companies, you don't buy tobacco products. If you don't want to support church and denominational leaders who turn a blind-eye and silently enable clergy child abuse, then don't give your tithes to churches where that has happened unless there has been a radical transformation in leadership.

I agree that there were leaders who knew about Darrell Gilyard, and even leaders such as now-deceased E.K. Bailey who tried to take a stand. But when other leaders such as Paige Patterson - i.e., leaders with greater influence and authority - are slow to speak out, and when they do, they treat it as nothing more than "adulterous relationships," then people get confused and don't know whether it's something serious or not. Those who mustered the courage to speak out in 1991 must surely have wondered what good it did when they saw how feeble Patterson's responses were. And what about Jerry Vines? Why does he not make a public apology for lending his name and credibility to Gilyard by speaking at his church? Why does he not get on board with urging Baptists to take the same sorts of pro-active protective measures that other faith groups have? What good are all his words if he betrays the safety and well-being of children by a do-nothing complicity with a system that repeatedly turns a blind-eye to clergy sex abuse?

Anonymous said...

I went to school with Gilyard back in the mid-late 80s. I heard him preach several times, including his false testimony. I later learned of his sexual sins and lies. I CANNOT BELIEVE the man is still in the ministry. I am so very sorry to all of you who have been hurt by him. He should NEVER have been allowed to continue in ministry.

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

I fully agree that he should not have been allowed to continue. Maybe he will be stopped this time.

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

I fully agree that he never should have been allowed to continue. maybe this time he will be stopped.

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