Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Husband Shares His Heart

I’ve poured out my heart over some of the things that have been said here against Tiffany, now I feel that it is time to speak out. I hope that she will see a way to add this as a “post” as opposed to a “comment”.

What I can say about her is:
She is incredible!
She is strong!
She is the one making a sacrifice to speak out!
She is the one reaching out to help others and encourage exposure!
She is one of the most truthful and respected women that I know personally!
She will confront the issue and not back down!

She has endured a lot in her walk through life and these experiences have molded her along with providing her with the strength to answer the calling that God has placed upon her. I’m not asking anyone to “trust” what I’m saying here but if you will be patient you will see things unfold in a way that I cannot fully explain here.

I will reiterate that this is an on going investigation including minors, thus meaning that there are aspects of the case that cannot be released for fear of causing damage. So stop making accusations, threats and asking for proof, you won’t receive that information here.
I don’t profess to be God, act as nor wish to be God.
I do believe in ONE chance not many chances! There have been too many.

Therefore, thus said several persons have felt the need to threaten her. Stop! Several persons have also attempted to push her into responses regarding her involvement with DG. She doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone here or any other place for that matter. So the comments that accuse her of being “involved” with DG are baseless and immature along with the innuendos that accompany the previous statement. This also goes for the comments directed at others that have posted here. They deserve better from those of you that post and comment on this blog.
Some have also stated time after time that God isn’t covering this or God isn’t proud of this or God isn’t blessing this or even that God wouldn’t be happy with Tiffany. I beg to Differ, do you actually believe that he is happy with DG? Is he happy with the “churches” of today? Is he happy with your thoughts and judgment of Tiffany? Be real with yourselves.

The part that bothers me is the lack of respect and consideration for others including bloggers, family members, survivors and victims. Thus meaning that this is a place for these people to come and heal, recover and share of the terrible incidences that they were involved. They deserve the opportunity to do this in a safe environment free of fear and intimidation from other bloggers. Wouldn’t you concede that they have ALL endured enough?

DG hired “Hank” Coxe a well connected and respected Criminal Defense Attorney, for ONE reason and that reason is Freedom. He has done so in light of the overwhelming evidence against him. Even if DG has the opportunity to walk away I’m confident that his walk will be a short one.

Blessings to you all,

The Husband, Mr. Croft


don't look back,
you've stepped over the line. (and they don't like it)
don't let up, back up, give up, or shut up.
I know your focus is clear,
your path straight,
your God is reliable.
You are a Disciple of Christ.

I have your back, you have my support.


Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

Thank you to my strong, brave, bold, Godly, loving husband who walks through this journey called life with me. Thank you for standing with me and for working with me. Thank you for being a man that is not afraid of standing boldly with me, for encouraging it actually. You make me stronger. I wouldn't want to do this without you and the Lord. I am blessed that He chose you for me!
I love You!

Anonymous said...

Now that is the love of God!

char said...

Mr. Croft
You seem to be truly a Godly man. One who loves his wife dearly and will stand with her. Those words to Tiffany are sooooooooo sweeeeet and special. Only someone who loves the Lord Jesus could write in such a way. Reminds me of my husband. BOO HOO (emotions going)
God Bless both of you

Ms. J said...

Mr. Croft,

Thank you for your post! Tiffany is blessed to have a man like you in her corner. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is full of cruel, ungodly people (some of them even go to church.) Some of them think they know the mind of God, without reading HIS Word for themselves. Others read it and don't have an understanding of it. There are also Christians that are very immature in their walk and are confused. Since most blogs are open forums, you're going to hear from EVERYONE. Try not to let the opinions of others discourage either one of you. The "tares" are just doing as expected, acting like their father the devil, and the immature Christians just haven't grown up. Since this is an open forum, ALL kinds will drop in.

Thanks, Tiffany so much for the blog and the updates!

Anonymous said...

well said Mr. Croft.

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