Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Court News

The outcome of today is that he and his attorney made a Not Guilty plea. He was not present in court, they entered the plea in the Judges chambers privately. The next court date is set for February 26th.


Anonymous said...

I have one question for you... If you are a woman of God. Why are you spending so much time attacking Darrell Gilyard. If you beleive in GOD you know that GOD will take care of him. That what is sore on earth he will rep in heaven. Please i tell you to stop and let GOD. GOD is watching you and you will not recieved his bless for commending this man. That is up to GOD.

steve w said...


While I agree God can do what He pleases with DG, I also believe that God brings secret sins(especially sexual ones) to the light of the world. It brings public condemnation, accountability and if needed justice. But most of all it offers the chance for repentance and change.

Read the story of King David for a clear representation of what I mean in 2 Samuel 12.

Anonymous said...

Mrs C, Let God. I am not saying he should not have to pay, he is (no if and or buts). I hope you are not the one speaking to the media today about the court appearance.

Keep this blog open but back off some from the public.
Let God fight this battle . Take it to God. Do Not miss your blessing.

I know how you feel, I been there. Just pray and pray and pray some more. Take care of yourself and family.

Give support to victims or even help pass the word but let God work on this. You can act as a reporter but in the background.

God can punish him more than man could ever. Let God's heat continue to build up on him. You have done a great job. Please let what's Caesar be handle by Caesar. God is working and he will handle him. He is not getting away. He is exposed. Let the victims prepare for battle without the circus. It's hard enough. Privately and Surprisingly. I did that too. It was on the day that everyone knew, I was not playing around. But really they knew before then because they said why is she so friendly or even smiling. I heard a voice saying because she has God on her side.
See I was fighting the battle myself and then I realizes I did not like what I was becoming and I knew if I was going to win. I had to trust God with all my might and all my strength. Believe with my whole heart and never doubt. I did not trust man. I did not trust the prosecutor the defends and even the judge. I had all kinds of witnesses but I did not fully believe in them. Yes there was strategies and I involved. But I prayed so much, I was directed. I even had some enemies to help. After things was over, my enemies was just that.

I am telling you my story again for a reason. When this all over and done. U really want God to get the glory. I have said before, DG has not met the right person. I take it back, he has.
Channel 47 hates predators.

Predators are too much in the news and people are disgusted. The behavior do not get better, it gets worst.

This is a war with real enemies (predators/ungodly).

I now know my friend Mo was correct in his conversation to me about DG. He will be punish because he has hurted so many people.


Anonymous said...

Again, I am not saying hide this predator and the ones who aide him. It need to be exposes and clean up. Accountability.


pray, listen and watch; you too will be guided

Anonymous said...

Yes DG is a disgusted predator and we do want to insure this is it for him.


No technicality will be allowed here or victims feeling shame. Predators will hide and be ashamed before victims will. The buck stopping here for DG and who ever aided him!

For true victory it must be ordered by God. See it’s more of them hiding out there. People are fed up this this crap. No more running DG. It's paytime for sure.

Predators leave our young people along, the young in heart and the believing. Give our young one a great chance in life.

Anonymous said...

Predators are getting too comfortable and now getting help to continue on.

Lord save our children. I pled the blood against this predator. In Jesus name.

Heal God. Heal the victims and the people who has gotten hurt from this predator and his aides.
Help Lord Help. WE NEED YOU! In Jesus Name.
Help old survivors to get peace. Let your will be done. Please do not make the victims ashamed. Camp your angels around the victims and protect them. Give them the strength they need. In Jesus name let your will be done. Let your word be true and the false hood be a lie. Let you get glory and get it abundantly. Let the victims be not ashamed but renewed in their spirit. In Jesus name. I thank you in advance for the victory and for your glory. Work Lord in a glorious way. Amen


Anonymous said...

To Tiffany, Beverly, and anonymous at 12:05 pm.... ONE MORE TIME...Tiffany, keep at it. The media is not doing enough and people should be warned! For the folks that are asking God to do it... HE IS. HE USES PEOPLE like Tiffany to have courage to speak out. Tiffany is a woman of God. Too many times we think as Christians that we are only to pray and that is it. STOP IT PLEASE. Prayer and action go hand in hand. This is a situation that requires both! Good job Tiffany.. Prayer and action! P.S. Tiffany is already blessed in that she has a brain, courage, and a mind to warn others! One more thing, GOD IS WATCHING ALL OF US. And we will give an account for allowing MESS to go on and not saying anything about. Tiffany, don't stop! God has you covered.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...
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Anonymous said...

anonymous 12:05 pm

have you ever heard of faith AND WORKS. read your Scripture. We are to have faith in Christ and walk our faith (do something!). get real. ms. croft, i would be very careful of suggestions like that.

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

Thank you for all of your posts. You are standing for what you believe also, even if we do not all agree with each other.
Once again, the reason I am speaking out is because all of these years no one has spoken against him. Because of this, he keeps hurting people. Some people simply do not know that they should watch out for him.
There have been to many additional victims simply because people are afraid to speak against him. I wish I would have spoken years ago. Like many of you I thought that the church leaders would take care of it. I still wish that they would instead of me.
I am not taking the credit or the glory. God will recieve the glory no matter what the outcome. There are unedited news clips and conversations with the reporters in which I have stated that we believe God is doing something here and that I wish for Darrell to seek repentance and salvation. The goal is to stop him here on earth by warning people, God will take care of him. And God will also expose this sin, the word says so.
Many of you are praying for all of the right words to be said by me when speaking and the outcome to be all that God would have it to be. That is just as an important role as victims coming forward, my speaking out, the media coverage and the investigators doing their job's. We all have our roles, God is using us all.

Lady T said...

I have not heard Tiffany say that she was out to get Gilyard. She is simply being used to expose the truth. How does God get things exposed? Through people! He's not going to send Jesus to the earth to show man's unrepenting nature. God will use people. Gilyard is a sexual predator, so live with it, forgive him and allow him to be alone with your teen daughter or grand daughter.

Anonymous said...

Tiffany - don't listen to ANY of this rubbish. Absolutely do NOT back off, do NOT back down, do NOT slip into the background, do NOT "let GOD" take care of it (I know you trust God, but very confused people misuse that statement of "let God take care of it"), do NOT shut up, do NOT do anything but keep the pressure on, keep posting about Darrell Gilyard, keep speaking to people who know of his past, keep doing everything you are doing.

While some people here say you should go into a closet and pray for God to deal with DG, I say:


Stay on the offense. You are a Christian who is after the devil who wishes to harm young people and women and then sneak off and do it again. God needs you Tiffany!!

HOW TO STAY ON THE OFFENSE? You know I'm sure, but here's just some ideas:

When you find out where his ugly serpent head is going to pop up, then shout it from the blog. Email every church in that area. Contact the local media. Vol unteer to do phone interviews. If you have to, get some friends to go up and picket the church on a Sunday holding signs that say "Gilyard is a Devil" and "Gilyard Likes Little Girls" and "Watch Your Daughters", and the like. Email all pastors in the area asking them to come out publically against Gilyard ministering in their city. Contact the local authorities to warn them about Gilyard. He will likely try to get some preaching gigs around the country, and you need to be aware of where he is going and GIVE HIM NOT ONE MINUTE'S REST. BE ON HIM LIKE STINK ON A DIRTY DIAPER. If he gets a special preaching gig, call the pastor, call the chair deacons, email that church's staff. Post the name of any churches and pastors that decide to have DG come and preach for them. Call the local media. Find some friends in that area who will pepper cars at the church with winshield flyers containing the truth about the man they just heard preach.

"Beverly" - get the picture?

So those of you who think you are super spiritual, and just so close to Jesus that you are sharing your "wisdom" to Tiffany to back off and let God do it...SHUT YOUR BIG YAPPERS...you don't even know what you are talking about. We're talking about Satan here, and Tiffany should stay on the offense as long as she feels God wants her to help expose DG and protect those in harm's way. If she stops, then I pray there will be someone who will take her place.

There are many, many more cheering for you Tiffany than you know...and God is also cheering you on. God is looking for more Tiffany's...he's looking for some at Trinity, and at churches all over the country...but they are few and far between!

Pastor Ken said...

Tiffany, continue to do what you're doing and to all those who say let God do it, God does it through people as with King David.
People listen, children's lives were affected by this foolishness, as a pastor for almost twenty years these acts are terrible and are an affront to the things of God, the preaching of the gospel, the integrity of christianity, and MUST BE addressed because he's been doing this stuff for over twenty years to dozens of women now he's crossed the line with children, there is no justification for his actions and he must be brought to a place of judgment and repentance.
So for all of you who have a problem with what Tiffany is doing then stop reading this blog and go on to something else, what is done in the dark will be brought into the light, for in this case it's long overdue!

Anonymous said...


Green man said...

I cant understand the thoughts of people such as the comment @ 12:05.

Is it attacking when you report the criminal behavior of a pastor?

Is it wrong to let people know he will be punished for his crime?

Is it a sin to testify about the mis-deeds of a church leader?

The fellow leaders of the church must have thought it was wrong, because they never held him accountible for his actions, called the police, helped the victims, or forced him to step down from the pulpit.

They two are just as guilty

Anonymous said...

For the ones who want me to shut up. Have you been rape or torture before? Have you ever had to fight a good fight that was way bigger than yourself and your only support was God? Well, I hope you have not. I just want the creep to go down and go hard. I think predators are disgusting and so very selfish. They do not care who they hurt or how many they hurt in the process. I was speaking from my own personal experiences and I have written Mrs C about my thoughts. She knows my story. I know this whole process too well. I just want a great outcome with DG being stopped and all the victims to not get hurt anymore. I know what kind of war it is and was! None of you guys will ever be able to tell me. You are so supportive; help her and all the victims. Made sure they are ok and DG goes down.
Yes, God uses people. He can use you too! Instead of the one or just a few, let there be many and many more. Aren’t you pissed or sicken with this. Well are you?
Then say enough is enough!!!!!!
Predators you are not welcome!!!


Anonymous said...

DG is not the only, needing to be stopped. All those that aid him for the love of money and power.

I get this war, and how it works. So there is nothing new can be done. Hope you will stop others from personally knowing about this!


Anonymous said...

green man:

this is "anonymous 12:05":

i believe you TOTALLY misunderstood my post. what i am trying to say to ms. croft and those who don't get it is that blogs such as this one is totally necessary. CONTINUE to have faith that God will handle DG, but also do you WORK! we cannot just be still in cases like this. DO SOMETHING! GET IT, NOW?! Faith AND Work. Goodness...now i see now very important blogs such as this one falls to idiotic, unnecessary bickering.

Green man said...

Anonymous 12:05

I may have been confused by your post.

your statement

"Why are you spending so much time attacking Darrell Gilyard"

I just dont view this as attacking him, but more to the point of EXPOSING him for who he really is.

sorry for any misunderstanding.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:05

You're delusional.

Did you read your 12:05 post?

You most certainly did question why Tiffany is "attacking Darrel Gilyard" and you told her to "stop and let GOD".

And you say we misunderstood your post?

Get real.

Stunned Mom said...

Calling on all victims past and present of Darrell Gilyard. Please share your experiences with States Attorney’s office. Your name will not be broadcasted, but they need your stories. Please think of future women and young teens and not just about yourself. I don’t want what happened with my daughter to happen to another female. Many people keep saying the adults knew and I agree they have some accountability, but if you’ve never been caught up in Darrell’s web, you don’t know how controlling he is. God help him please.

Darrell we forgive you as you have asked of us and required by God to do so, however we are praying that the Holy Spirit convicts you to repent and tell the truth to your lawyer and the authorities. Why waste all that money for someone to try to bury your wrong-doings?

Anonymous said...

Stunned Mom - thank you for sharing your story and your plea to others.

One question: you say that Darrell has asked for forgiveness? I must have missed that...when did Darrell ask for forgiveness from anybody for his latest crimes? Quite the contrary through his lawyer he proclaimed his innocence in court this week.

Did Gilyard ever publish a farewell message to Shiloh?

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

Stunned Mom:
Thank you for speaking out. This must be ripping your heart in two. I am thankful for your families bravery and courage! And the fact that in Godly wisdom you are ready to forgive and show the world what Christlike love is all about. Yet, you know that you can still call out the sin.
I apologize for the direspectful posts that have come from people here defending him and attacking the victims, this must be very frustrating. You stand strong! You know the truth!
We are all praying for your daughter and your family.

Stunned Mom said...

There are things I'd loved to say but can't at this time. I pray in the near future the information that will be public knowlege,set the record straight on events and timelines of the events. Just know IF he gets off in the legal system I personally will make sure I follow him to warn his next pool of potential victims. Coxe may can get him off, but he's not off the hook with God. Its been very difficult to hold my peace, however God is my refuge.

member said...

Did Gilyard ever publish a farewell message to Shiloh?

To Anon;February 8, 2008 7:51 AM

No anon, he never spoke to the congregation after his last sermon. No one spoke to the congregation until it was out. We were shocked of the news, however nothing was ever said until after the news broke.

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