Monday, January 7, 2008

Gilyard Resigns!!!!!

Updated interviews late tonight and all day tomorrow, I will add the links as soon as they become available.
Jacksonville News Stations CBS47, First Coast News, Fox 30 and News 4 Jax confirm the resignation of Gilyard.
See his Resignation Letter here. So where's he headed too next? Looks like Atlanta.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me, What did the text message actually say?

Anonymous said...

Tiffany, since you know so much - Have you pulled the actual report to see what Pastor Gilyard supposely texted?

Lady T said...

Do you understand what sexually explicit means? When it comes out everyone will know so just be patient. Once you hear offically what it said you will know that it is terrible!!!

Anonymous said...

He went to Orlando last week and rumor has it that he went there and possibly Atlanta seeking a church. Since Jacksonville did not care about his past maybe Atlanta nor Orlando will care. Sad!!!

Anonymous said...

Lady T: Well, since you know what it means, Why don't you tell us?

Lady T said...

Why does it matter to you? Are there certain levels of sexually explicit that is ok?

Anonymous said...

Lady T: Well, I want to know what the big fuss is all about. You know, you people make a little thing big. So why not let the cat out the bag. Since everyone has such an opinion about what is going on. What is offensive to you may not be offensive to me. I don't see the authorities doing anything, so it must not be to much.

Lady T said...

You're right anonymous, its nothing much, a bucnh of hogwash. Let it rest, its nothing. I apologize for gossiping about something I have no clue about.

Anonymous said...

I'll predict where Gilyard is going, speculating based on someone mentioning "Atlanta" - follow my logic:

1. Darrell Gilyard's mentor and friend is Jerry Vines - Jerry Vines preached at Gilyard's church in 2006, despite knowing of Gilyard's sexual escapades in Texas.

2. Jerry Vines is currently a member at FBC Woodstock, GA, outside of Atlanta, pastored by Johnny Hunt.

3. FBC Woodstock has a ministry for housing, ministering to, and rehabilitating troubled pastors.

4. Gilyard has no marketable skills other than preaching, and he has had a taste of the "highlife" living in Queens Harbor in a million dollar home. So he must go somewhere to preach to make money to support his lifestyle.

5. Now that Gilyard has been found out and his total history is now well known throughout the country (we can thank the bloggers for that), he can't just run and find a new church that doesn't know of his past. He must show the world that has been "fixed" (OK, poor choice of words) that he has been rehabbed, like Brittney Spears and Lindsay Lohan and other celebs have done - get caught, go to rehab to show everyone you're OK!

6. So Gilyard will go to Atlanta, will be "rehabbed" at FBC Woodstock under Vines and Hunt, then he will come back stronger than ever to pastor a church or maybe have a show on TBN (the "hair" channel).

That's my prediction!!!

Yvette said...

I followed you over from hicktownpress. This took a lot of courage.

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

It has been a very busy night. I am late responding to all of you and I apologize. Lady T you are all over it- I like your spunk:>
Yes, he is in Atlanta looking for a church. And the allegations against him do hold strong evidence to back it up, which leaves many of us wondering why there are not charges filed yet. It feels like there is corruption within the system helping to keep it on the back burner - trust me, the evidence is more than they had on Bob Gray and his was all only word of mouth and was decades old. I am not by any means belittling the charges made against Gray, I am just saying how is this fair? They have real, credible evidence plus witnesses to back it up, it is fresh and recent, plus he has an enormous history. I smell a rat. Something is not adding up. These are not the only two either. So many are scared to tell their stories and others have been paid off. Yes, paid off. This from many credible sources and many different, similar testimonies. There is a lot of corruption and power. I wish some of these people could find the strength to be publicly vocal. Maybe they will find the courage.
In the mean time, it is not over yet. God is still in control over all of this and we will see what is to come next.
Watch the news tomorrow as well. He will definitely remain in the spotlight for a few days right now.

Anonymous said...

Good Riddance-hope he remembers where that bridge is (some of you will get that)

Lady T said...

The Quiet before the Storm. Be Patient.

sick of predator pastors said...

I would hope the church in which he was ordained would be seriously considering revoking his ordination.

I also hope that Dr. Vines and Dr. Hunt would be counseling him to exit all forms of ministry and enter into come form of counseling for his sexual issues.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Jerry Vines will not be silent during these days. He needs to come out and publicly apologize to Shiloh and to Jacksonville for not warning them about Gilyard.

He contributed to this mess. He knew of Gilyard's past, and he knew that Gilyard was unfit for a position of pastor, EVER, after his sexual sins in Texas. Yet Vines chose to go to Gilyard's church and preach in his church and heap flowery words of praise on Gilyard to Gilyard's congregation, while most of them had no idea Gilyard had been accused of rape, had admitted to adultery with women he was counseling, etc. Who knows, in some sick way Vines speaking on Gilyard's behalf might have empowered Gilyard in the last few years to again start preying on the women at his church.

Where are you Jerry Vines? What say you?

Anonnymus said...

Anonymyous person: I would say that Vines owes an apology to the women that have been abused by Gilyard, especially Tiffany. Vines had personal knowledge of Tiffany's encounter with Gilyard, yet Vines STILL went to Gilyard's church to preach and throw his support behind Gilyard's ministry. If I were one of Gilyard's victims and I knew Vines knew of my situation, and I knew Vines went to preach at Gilyard's church, I would be so unbelievably hurt by Vines. If I knew of a pastor that had tried to sexually seduce a young Christian lady, I would never darken the doors of that man's church, let alone go preach in the man's pulpit. Poor judgement.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Croft,

Will you ask the skeptical detectives how does sexually explicit text messages come from behind 24-hour secured Queens Harbour Gates and sent out to minors? The cell tower triangulation method by the cell provider and smart police work can determine the exact GPS site (aka gilyard gated home) and time the messages were sent! Florida Law protects kids from sexually explicit emails! Isnt a State of Florida Politician named Mark, being charged with the same thing? Who else besides Gilyard sent those messages behind the Queens Harbours gates? I hope THE BIG BOYZ nickname him PRETTY MOUTH DARRYL when he gets to Lake Butler Prison!

Anonymous said...

tiffany - January 8 - 1:04 am

Since Bob Gray died before his trial began, the complete story (and evidence) may never be told. Hopefully, the civil lawsuits will go forward so the victims will have their day in court and their stories can be told. The victims that have come forward are decades old but there is no statute of limitations on pedophilia with God? Bob Gray harmed and hurt a lot of victims and a lot of sheep in his church over the years. The released interrogation tape in Bob Gray's own words and the released tape in Tom Messer's own words shows, in my opinion, to what extent these people will go to hide their sins and to cover-up the sins of their friends. In my opinion, the continued cover-up just hurts the victims all over again. God will not be mocked!

Kudos to you for speaking out and for starting this blog. The best way to send the message that this will no longer be tolerated within the Body of Christ is to do exactly what you are doing. The wheel with the loudest squeak gets the most attention. Sadly, we have learned that the 'good ole boy network' is still alive and well. It's time to get back to 'following God' and 'not man' and scripturally put these 'ole boys' out of business. They have failed to meet God's qualifications for pastor years ago.

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

anonymous: I truly hope the victims from Trinity get their day in court. I just wanted to clarify that I was not belittling the evidence. I just don't understand why Gilyard is walking around free and traveling in the midst of this.
I agree that the victims get hurt all over again.
Thank you for your kind words.

Christa Brown said...

"Where are you Jerry Vines? What say you?" Good question, anonymous! And you're exactly right...he owes an apology to Shiloh, to Jacksonville, and to everyone who was abused by Gilyard.

Of course, Jerry Vines also spoke at Trinity and sang its praises even as numerous people were coming forward with reports of child molestation against Bob Gray. It was a time when there should have been a call for accountability instead of a singing of praises.

Two former Southern Baptist presidents had significant knowledge about Gilyard: Jerry Vines and Paige Patterson. They will both be in Jacksonville, speaking at the Pastor's Conference on Feb. 2. Johnny Hunt, of FBC Woodstock, GA (where it's been speculated Gilyard may go for pastoral "rehab") will also be there. Do you think all the other ministers there will continue to treat Vines and Patterson like celebrities, or will a few of them have the courage to hold their feet to the fire and ask why they turned their backs on so much information about such extensive pastoral abuse...and left so many trusting people at risk?

Anonymous said...

Christa - are you kidding? It will be the usual love-fest between the big shots at the FBC Jax Pastors Conference. The gullible pastors all over this country will buy their tickets (or should I say their congregations will) for the conference and pay a couple of hundred bucks, most of which will go into the pockets of the speakers - its a great way to extend the fleecing from the congregations of the megas to even the smaller churches who pay hundreds of dollars in fees and travel expenses to send their staff members to the conferences. And most of the attenders I'm sorry to say will line up to get their books and bibles signed by PP and JV and MB and the others. I think the FBC Pastor's Conference would be a GREAT place for concerned Christians to stage a sort of a "protest" and hold signs asking the questions of JV and PP about why they didn't stop Gilyard. It would be a place also where information could be handed out to the many pastors who attend to alert them of the Gilyard situation and ask them to hold PP and JV accountable. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

where is his wife .. wonder what she has to say ..or what is she sticking with him on this ?

Christa Brown said...

anonymous: I like to imagine that there might be some courageous ministers who will show up in Jacksonville, but sadly, I think your scenario is much, much more likely..."most of the attendees will line up to get their books and bibles signed by PP and JV..."

Anonymous said...

Christa and Tiffany - I just read the very informative article at, and I'm sickened by what I read.

I did not know Tiffany that you were a member of FBC Jax at the time Darrell Gilyard attempted to seduce you, and that he was traveling as an evangelist on several FBC Jax mission trips.

As a member of FBC Jax and someone who has always held Jerry Vines in a high regard, I am saddened to hear that Vines went to preach at Gilyard's church and use his good name and reputation to support Gilyard at Shiloh, knowing that Gilyard tried to seduce one of Vines' own church members. I just can't believe it. I can't believe that when Gilyard came back to Jacksonville in 1993 just two years after Gilyard attempted to seduce one of Vines own sheep that Vines didn't attempt to stop Gilyard and warn the congregation.

This all makes me wonder: were there other young people at FBC Jax that Gilyard tried to seduce? Are there other victims like yourself at FBC Jax who need to come forward? If so, did Vines and Lindsay know about them?

Lady T said...

I spoke with one of the victims's parents and they said they were afraid to come forward due to them seeing him as being very powerful and knowing the right people. I guess he has known the right people to have been able to leave Texas and Oklahoma and now leave Jacksonville. He will stay on the run and will contiune to be sheltered from his illness. God help us!

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

anonymous re FBC:
Yes, I grew up at FBC (from 2 through College)I do not know of any others from that time, there may be more? He targeted me on the Spring Tour and things became ugly by June. I did find out then that there were other girls across the nation that he had targeted while speaking in other churches, he seemed to target one at a time within other churches. With his church though it was a "free for all" there were so many.
I do know there are many more at Shiloh who are afraid to come forward.

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

Lady T:Bless your heart, God help us all is so true. We are dealing with evil.
There are many others who are afraid to come forward. They have been intimidated. I am thankful for the young victims, that the parents had the courage to go to authorities, many don't have that courage.
I hope they are able to find healing as well.

amsprime said...

Tiffany I sent you an email

SecureOne said...

There is soo much that I'd like to say but I don't want to be selfish here so I'll be brief.

I am the husband of an intelligent, selfless, strong, but very sweet woman whom was a victim of DG. I've seen her pain, tears and frustration since the latest news of DG and I fully stand by her side! Did I say FULLY? I am personally asking for you guys (including you Dr. Vines and I know that you are getting this) to come forward and stop DG. I do not wish wrong or harm to Shiloh or even DG but I do want him removed from the church and to truly seek help.

Soo please try to understand that it if were you, your wife, daughter or sister what would you really do? This applies to everyone.

I'll go a step futher and ask why haven't you already?

Tiffany has become the face and voice for now but she needs more of you guys to come forward and I know that she will do whatever it takes to help you.

I thank ALL of you guys for reading and responding,

Ben Croft (the husband)

george harvey said...

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Croft for their stand and for this blog site. James 2:19 tells us, "Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble". We shouldn't be surprised when one of satan's children can quote scriptures -- e.g., JW's, Mormans, and even Muslims can quote scripture. According to II peter 2:14, Gilyard is a lost fales prophet who needs repentance and faith, not restoration: "Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls: an heart they have exercised with covetous practices". Please don't be fooled any further; a man with continual and horrific crimes against heaven and humanity isn't saved. Gilyard needs to do what Peter told the unsaved professor named Simon the Sorcerer. achurch Simon d; cursed children: "Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee" (Acts 8:22).

Anonymous said...

You are right Jerry Vine, he is the one I heard got him out of his past messes.

Anonymous said...

He has not met the right family or husband or boyfriend yet. No money will be able to pay them off. Nor jail will be able to hold him. No money could ever let me allow someone to abuse my child. I would go insane with rage. Yet this is going on. Parents accepting money. Husbands and boyfriends sitting back. People being place as head of a church because they have covered up something or aid in wrong doing.
Do not fret, the LORD is not getting glory from this and he will be handling this. The Lord works thru people too. See the LORD loves his people and he do not want his people getting hurt by someone using his name or thinking they are bigger than him.
It was going to Shiloh and I feel sick about this whole thing. I have heard about Gilyard stealing a man's girlfriend and having member's of the school to keep him my friend away so Gilyard to have his way. I think my ole friend is dead now, due to health. But, I can imagine he watching this and saying I told you! I think he kept going there just waiting for this moment.
I said, if he can still go there afterward, I can too. I was not looking at the man or going because of the man. I kept my eye on the LORD. If my eye was to really look at main head and his appointed, it would make me feel ill. Because it was cold, and I did not feel. I listen to a family member who felt belittle by the way he speaks at church functions (I never went to one because of what I was hearing. I felt he would angry me and I would make a scene). I did not call him Pastor (he was just a man). I have not been back in over a year. But I am worried about the young Christians. Stop covering for him, let him go down. He needs help. Vines, you are not furthering the kingdom, with this kind of mess. You are hurting the kingdom, more. Forget about stacking members, getting mo money, and building the biggest church building. You are not giving the LORD glory. All I got to say, we all fall short. Keep your eyes on the LORD.
I hate to say this, I feel so sad about this whole thing. I may go back with Ministry Letson , if I see other changes too. Most likely, I will find a home I could open my eyes and like what I see. This is really hurtful in my spirit. I am ashamed to say I have been going there so long. I knew of some stuff, but like I was told people do change. Now, I see a pattern and I feel anger and sadness. Yet I am more afraid for others getting hurt. Now I think it’s the season for truth, so people can be healed. Wrongs corrected. Change! I hope the LORD corrects him before he hurts anyone else.

Deeply sadden

Anonymous said...

I heard Jerry Vines got him out of trouble in Texas. Set him up at First Baptist and then got him moved to Shiloh. Between his moving around in church and his current marriage. I heard a 15 year old gave birth to a child in the early 90's in Jacksonville Florida. The family was paid to be quiet. He was directed to get married. This was just before he was supposed to get married to the Sunday School teacher at Shiloh (Ann), which he stole away from one of his members. On the day of marriage, I was told he went off and married the wife he has now.
I would feel sorry for the wife, but I have always felt she knew about his awful attraction and taste for young girls and other ladies. I have always wondered, was she appointed by Jerry Vines for Gilyard. I later saw him on Atlantic Blvd. In the car was a light skinned, young, long haired, mini skirt woman waiting for him. I felt that was strange.
I know he hurt my male friend when he got his girl and had his goons keep him away. Which one the goons, Gilyard set him in a church.
I have always felt he was arrogant and condescended to members. I always felt that he and his present wife felt they were better and above its members.
I feel this sexual predator will continue and the church covering it up. What amazes me is that he is now looking for another job. Fired 4 times for the same thing and is continuously doing the same without consequences (like Jail and properly labeled a Sexual Predator). I hope the Lord corrects him before he hurts anyone else.
I heard there is more to this story on Gilyard than what is out in the news right now. Hopefully he is stop soon and quickly.
I went to Shiloh because I have family going. I needed to hear what is being preach to my family. I felt if my friend could still go, then I could go too.

Anonymous said...

Do not let the sins of one or even a few hurt the church. At Shiloh, there is ugly but there is good. There are some deacon and members there that takes your heart away. They are so caring and into their work for the LORD. They just make you smile inside and out. When Ministry Letson preaches, I love his style of preaching and music choice. I just hate his clothing jokes. That is the only time you know people are alive in the church. They begin to praises the LORD like a holiness church sometimes when Min Letson preaches.

I really dislike what is happening with Gilyard. Though what I have heard makes him a predator of the worst kind. Having FBC supporting him continuously and not getting the proper help and/or stand down time is just as bad. I really did not wanted my male friend comments to be correct, Gilyard has deeply scared people and many believers when or if it would come out. I think of the hurt my male friend C had to feel and I am thinking of the hurt Mrs Croft to tell their story. Please do not get swallow up in the pain. I am glad you have a great husband who standing by you. Remember God can correct him better than us. Though he uses people, too. Make sure you are grounded so that you are not overtaken in your heart and spirit.

I am glad this blog is here, I needed somewhere to vent. Good Job Mrs C. People like to know the truth.

Deeply sadden with Mixed feelings.

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

I feel like I should respond to th eprevious anonymous comment made about Dr. Vines. I am not defending all of his decisions, but I must correct one allegation. Since I was involved, I must set this straight.
Dr.Vines did not "help to cover it up", nor did he bring him to Jax. or set him up at Shiloh. After the Tx. things came out and he stepped down from that church, Dr. Vines understood he was getting treatment for sexual addictions. He had no control over what DG did next, nor did he have contact with him. Yes, this is fact. I know that DG was found by Shiloh with no help or recommendation from anyone (though no protest either from those directly involved - other than brave Pastor George Harvey here in Jax. The first contact Dr.Vines had with DG was some years later following Dr. Lindsay's funeral, which shockingly to all of us DG came to. He approached Vines later and asked forr his forgiveness and told him he had completed treatment and was a changed man. From there, Dr. Vines made his choices based onn that.
I do wish you would speak up now Dr. Vines and earn back the respect of many by saying that you made a terrible mistake by going to his church and speaking as many saw this as condoning his past. It actually gave him more power over the people there, your voice and your presence said a lot. You know I love you and your family, I would hate to see this ruin what many think of you. Speak up now, don't wait. We all make mistakes.

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

Part 2:
Paige Patterson on the other hand had more direct contact with the situation and seemed to have the ultimate say in the decision making that went on at that time. And also the many times before.
Here's a few snippets from Patterson's response:

Nearly two decades ago, I was neither an investigator nor a judge but the president of a small Bible college. I certainly did not have resources available to me to pursue the case, yet I did all that I could within my means to discover the truth when allegations concerning Mr. Gilyard were brought to my attention. Until such time as I could ascertain that Darrell Gilyard was in fact guilty as alleged, I could not make any charge against him...
Comments from Patterson:
Once I had investigated the matter and was able to substantiate that Mr. Gilyard was guilty, I got him to confess that guilt publicly; I expelled him from the Criswell College so that he was never allowed to complete his degree there; and I moderated the business meeting at Victory Baptist Church in Richardson, Texas, the night he, in response to my insistence, resigned his position as pastor.
A quick look at 6 pertinent articles from The Dallas Morning News in 1991 reveals this very public information much of which is taken verbatim from the articles:
From 1991 articles:
A significant number of women at Victory Baptist Church in Richardson, Texas accused their pastor Darrell Gilyard of sexual abuse. One said Gilyard had sex with her in the pastor's study. Another said she received lewd phone calls and another said Gilyard raped her. One woman who said she had had a long-term affair with Gilyard said her phone calls requesting a meeting with Patterson were not returned. Patterson's secretary told the woman that unless she had proof, he wouldn't see her. Other women abused by Gilyard recalled meeting with church officials at both Victory Baptist who drilled them with questions about their emotional stability and their relationships with other men.
One woman set up a meeting with Patterson. Upon arriving at his office, she was confronted by Gilyard and Gilyard's wife and attorney. Patterson told the woman to refrain from speaking to anyone about the situation. He told her that unless she came back with two witnesses or proof that something had happened, not to come back. Another woman called Paige Patterson and recounted a story about having sex with Gilyard in the sanctuary. After Gilyard's forced resignation, Don Simpkins, a pastoral counselor who had been involved in several discussions with women abused by Gilyard, stated to the Dallas Morning News that he believes allegations against Gilyard were covered up by Victory Baptist, First Baptist and Paige Patterson.
They called for proof, here's my response:
Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...
What kind of proof do they really think we as victims have? Do we carry around a video camera hoping they will come on to us, or tape record phone conversations, or better yet a physical sample from someone being molested or raped by their Pastor? Are they kidding? How much proof do you need anyway when the Pastor admits to it? Then we are supposed to go a step further and prove it? It should never happen in the church, not once, not twice and certainly not the 4th and 5th time in different churches. That is the point of all of this! When they are found out in one church, they should not only step down from the pulpit, but then the authorities should be called in IMMEDIATELY (not after a month long church investigation. You state Mr.Patterson that you did not have the means to deal with such an issue - isn't that the point. So instead of atleast encouraging the victims to go to the authorities and let them investigate (or take it a step further, leader, and call them yourself) you decide to watch him walk away. Then, when he pops up at another church, remain silent, warn no one, and just hope he doesn't repeat his already repeated pattern.
You are looking worse and worse in the public eye. Just admit you made really bad decisions in this that you will regret the rest of your life, apologize to the victims for not having the wisdom in what to do. That sir, is called taking responsibility - that is what true leadership is all about. It is fine to hope and pray someone changes, and to believe them innocent at first allegation, but after that it is time to call in for help! God calls us to this in II Timothy 3:1-17 and especially your role II Tim. 4:1-5.
Please read these scriptures and pray for wisdom. It is time to speak some truth!

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

If you would like to share your feelings:
Please write a letter to the editor and help to keep this story alive. (We believe there are likely many more Gilyard victims in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.) Keep your letter short, at 200 words or less if possible. Include your full name, city, and daytime phone. (They require your phone number in order to confirm that you're a real person, but they don't print it.) Send your letter via email to
If you want to remain anonymous, make an anonymous comment on this blog posting: This Baptist guy has gone out of his way to speak up about clergy sex abuse on other occasions as well, and his blog is widely read. Let him know his efforts are appreciated.
Thank you. Things like this make a difference.

Christa Brown

SNAP Baptist Outreach Director

Anonymous said...

Any Facts, not, rumors or hearsay on the current accusation? There has been no charge's Filed at all. Shiloh has 11,000 members and the only post on this site is from the faithful few of 16-20 years ago. Until there is a charge on the current accusations and facts presented. This blog is only based on the past. which is 16 years ago of affairs with consenting Adults.

From the pulpit of a local church I once attended.

"So you want to say that what I am preaching is not from God? You need to remember, "Touch Not God's Annointed". Since I have been given responsibility for this congregation and I am the shepherd, You do not have the right to question me. I am a child of God and I pray, talk to, and hear from God everyday. When you question me, you are actually questioning God. Therefore, to question me is to place your self in rebellion and in opposition to God himself. You, the congregation, know what happens when you are in rebellion. Remember 1 Samuel 15:23 "For rebellion is as of the sin of witchcraft...". Therefore, If you dare to question me, you are in witchcraft, and you are to be treated and punished the same as witches, mediums, and sorcerers, in the eyes of God..."

I place a curse on every man and woman that will stretch his hand against his anointing I curse that man who dares to speak a word against this ministry.

The battle is not yours it's the Lords.

God is in control not man!

Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

You are right about one thing, God is in control, not man, and that is evident in all that is happening right now. I am not going to get into a Biblical debate with you or anyone else. That is not the goal of this site. Really it was meant for victims and awareness, however I am not screening any of your comments beacause I believe it is only fair to hear all opinions. Thank you for posting and sharing how you feel.

Lady T said...

Anonymous: I appreciate your sharing. "Touch not God's anointed"? Was Jim Jones anointed by God? He had thousands of followers. You speak of rebellion and disobedience? It's disobedience and rebellion that led to his hiring at Shiloh and now the church has to go through pain and suffering of losing the man that they have grown to love and respect. Notice I am not judging him but scripture clearly states the qualification of a pastor as well as how to deal with immorality in the church 1 Cor 5.

Patterson was justified in letting him go and not having anything to do with him as that is what we are do do when we confront the brother, if he doesn't listen go to the elders and if he still doesn't listen have nothing to do with him. Paterson could not make him stop preaching. To be honest when this is all said and done, people will still follow him just as they did in Texas even after he confessed to adulterous affairs with women from various churches while being married.

Vines is a soft-hearted guy and did forgive as we are suppose to, however it was poor judgement for him to speak at Shiloh. Shiloh itself knew he impregnated a teen and the church paid a claim of $300,000 dollars and that was swept under the rug. Fact not fiction. So the church is reaping the sins of its own doing.

Satan is a liar. He used DG and because DG did not take the way of escape that God provided, he will be punished, whether man's law convicts him or not.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

Lady T, may I copy the above comment and post it in the comments I posted regarding Patterson and Vines? I feel it is appropriate there as well for those reading that part of the blog.

Lady T said...

Yes you may re-post Tiffany

Anonymous said...

Rumor control! What did the text message say? Anyone..everything I'm reading is old news? Someone sheild some light on this issue. It's starting to sound revengeful against Dr. Vines and others as well.

Anonymous said...

I will not follow DG. God will not bless sin. He will let the devil have its way. He must be corrected and repent. Either way DG will not escape.
The Shiloh members, many were unaware of DG sins and were not involve in any payoff. I have seen some members disgusted and ashamed.
One said, "I would not have had follower a minister who has done these things, if I had knew".
I watch the news the other day and saw a member happily defending DG.
I just had to pray for healing. I have had seem people trying to justify a situation so that they too can live with a decision that they choose.
Many times it does not work, unless that kind of stuff is in you. See you cannot like what's right and always follow what is wrong. The two cannot go together. People in their guts, do not like predators.
Most time a female victim is hurt not only by the predators but by the people who is trying to defend them. She have had to do something to make him did what he done.
You know many predators are arrogant. They will tell you quickly “You have no H--- or Heaven to put them in”. They will do it themselves, but I can determine what I will accept in my life.

Light will always win. The same as in Truth.

Take Care Mrs Croft, pray and ask for guidance. I pray for healing. I have been there before too and I know how a violation affects your life. You will find some people do not care because it's not them or there child. Even if it's there child, some will even justify that too. But they can not truly. What for money, some kind of security or to just have a piece of man. Sometimes people have had been abused so long that it's become a way of life.
Well abuse of any kind is unacceptable. If it's not your child, it maybe. If you are the victim and have a child, do you really want to keep the cycle going?. Money can not buy you piece of mind or heal you. Do not buy into that many would say you are wrong. Heal your self. Predators loves power.

Allow me to stop, flash back.
Disgusted and sadden,

Anonymous said...

I want to commend anyone who came forward with the truth. I pray that you all will be healed of the abuse of this pastor and that you can GO ON with your lives, and put this behind you. It sounds like justice may be done, and that should go a long way towards helping you recover, I pray. Good luck, and I commend your bravery. C Treadway

Anonymous said...

DG arrested today


Anonymous said...

I hate that DG is out of jail. He need to rot there. What in the world do a 45 year old man want with a child? I can not believe he is out of town now. I hope all his victims come forth and stop him.
What's alarming is the leaders of the churches. Why did they put grown before what is right. The leaders did not have the whole in mind. They should all go down with him or face adverse actions.
They shown his house on televison tonight, and I am out here struggling (giving my money to shiloh) and he is living good. Make you wonder???? I will not go back again.
I just hate predators. They do not care about nobody but themselves. All they do is destroy and leave everlasting hurt.

Reporter said...

Tiffany I heard, you like him and he didnt want you and you followed him here from Texas LOL hilarious, now your following him to Atlanta. Looks like You cant get enough of Darryl to me, Can you say big daddy! LOL I sould stop your games before you wind up in the press with him and you wont be posing in front of the cameras you will be in tears and embarressed. Wonder what can be dug up in your past, looks like I got work to do. Usually where you see a trash can there is trash on the floor around it LOL, looks like i found a mess. I see you delete real threads and keep the ones posted that feed your distorted mind.

Glassfull said...

To Reporter:

Take your smut somewhere else!

Pastor Rod H. said...

To reporter it is obvious that you no absolutely and I mean absolutely nothing about the Bible nor the God of the Bible.As a servant of the one true Savior the Lord Jesus Christ,call out to Him in humility acknowledging your need of salvation,and just as the Apostle Paul stated in Romans 10:13 "everyone who calls one the Name of the Lord will be saved.Then and only then when you have been granted salvation,will you understand the courage that has been displayed by Tiffany. said...

I have not commented on the "Reporter" comment because it did not deserve a response, the nastiness and pure hatred coming from it was only worth ignoring.
However, thank you to those of you who have kept your statements clean and constuctive, even when you disagree with the goal here. I appreciate your class and dignity. said...

The sbove comment was from Tiffany Croft. Signing in from a different computer.

Anonymous said...

reporter, you are a sick one. Why are you speaking about another sick one DG. Beverly