Friday, March 21, 2008

Something to Pray For

Please pray that the stall tactics by Hank Coxe will not prevail and will not be left unchecked. Many times attorneys stall a case hoping it will die down. Also in hopes that victims will lose faith and the courage to speak. They will do anything necessary to give themselves the upper hand in the case - especially when they know there is enough to be worried about, that there is a strong case against him.
We can pray against this as we know that our God is more than able to superceed all of those games.


Anonymous said...

The stall tactics is very common to discourage a person or give them enough time to tear down the victims. Do not be sway by this because others not known yet future victims are counting on you. Just stand and be vigilant. You must see this fight thru, not for potential future victims but more for yourself.
If you do not stand now, you will hurt your own self mentally and you will allow DG who is not willing to change goes on to hurt others. This will only make him more arrogant because he will feel he’s above the law and invincible. Anyone who is constantly committing the same sin over and over and over, allowed to self correct and still keep doing it over and over and over. Immediately went to preach at another church. He has not learned or willing to change.
If the victims do not stand now, I hope you know that this is not over for you. A violation as a young person has a way to reveal itself in every aspect of your life. A violation brings on unhealthy growth if not treated correctly and/or given the closure for healthy growth. As a parent, my job is to provide a safe environment for my child and foster healthy grown. Let them know that they will not abuse and they should never accept being violated under no circumstances. What happen to letting the child know they were not brought in this world for grown men to have their way with them? Why some no longer want healthy growth and think money or power is better than happiness? Why is its ok for someone to abuse our children and wife/mothers? When you borne that precious child or married that wife or look at your mother, Did you not look into their eyes and was overflowed with love. Well how in the world, can you tell them that it’s ok to be violated? How can you turn your head? How can you say a man is okay to hurt you because he is a preacher? How can we demean our love ones or even our love for our love ones to be a pimp for a preacher?
This I said to my child:
My child is not for sale ever. There is nothing no one can give me to allow someone hurt you. On my watch, my child you will always know I will protect you. I will not be pressure or fear anyone. Predators should fear ever attempting to hurt you. I will show you in my action and not just talk the talk. I will be able to live with myself and you will too. I want you to know you are someone special. You should not accept abuse from me nor anyone else. You are precious and so loved and I want you to always know and feel loved.

By, Disable from sexual violation

Anonymous said...

It seems God answered your prayer to block the stalling.


Tiffany Thigpen Croft said...

AMEN! God has answered all of our prayers regarding this case and He is still working. I praise Him for the ability to come to Him with all of our needs and concerns - He is more than faithful!

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