Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Meeting For the Victims/Survivors

I would like to extend an invitation to any of you (the victims) to come together and meet each other. There will be total privacy, total safety, and only victims will be present. We will keep the time, date and location private. I will explain more to you directly when you contact me via email.

The purpose will obviously be to have an outlet, a safe one, among people who have walked in your shoes. Only victims of this can truly understand the feelings you have, can relate to you, can cry with you, can encourage you, and finally can strengthen you. We can minister to each other and pray together and for divine restoration. The Lord surely wants us all to heal, and help each other constructively. He has great things for each of us.

All ages of girls or women affected by this man are welcome. Even if you are an adult woman who found yourself in a relationship with him and feel great shame, that was his plan. He hoped you would remain ashamed. Don’t let that keep you away. For those of you who are minors, your parents are welcome to be there with you. Obviously the parents of minors are victims as well as they place their innocent children in the hands of a trusted leader. However, I would like this to remain for victims only (for privacy reasons and to allow openness). Any concerns or questions you may have I will be glad to answer. Any suggestions as well.

My goal with this blog and with speaking out has always been two sided: One side is to put an end to this man’s abuse of women and girls, or atleast his ability to prey within the church from a position of power. Then, secondly to help any of his victims to find healing and put the shame behind them. To create a supportive network of survivors that can help each other heal and find strength to move beyond this.

Mainly, I would like to know how many of you are interested. Please send me an email and we will see where we go from there. Again, your information will be completely confidential. I will not use your name or email in any way even between other victims.

Can we make this happen?? Do you think it is something you would like to do??

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