Thursday, February 21, 2008

General Comments

Upon reader requests, I am creating this spot for general comments and questions. A place that will remain at the top for those of you wishing to leave comments in a fresh place sure to be viewed.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping topic alive. So many times information is given out only to die down. This ishow many abusers escape, when the spot light dims. I'm still amazed by the number of DG followers that don't care what he does, continue to make excuses for him and will go to his church when he starts one here in Jacksonville. I guess for most it won't hit them them unless its in their own back yard.

Anonymous said...

I pray that he starts a church here.I would like to be the first one standing outside the door with a sign that reads,"YOUR PASTOR IS A PREDATOR"

Anonymous said...

I read an article that said "his church still believes in him" "our church has become progressive" etc. I didn't hear the anger and the hurt about these terrible acts. It just seemed that all that mattered was that their church attendance grew. There wasn't even a concern for the holiness of God that we are suppose to exhibit. The callous response to this truly shows who is following Christ. I'm am truly heartbroken for the women who have been wronged. I pray our Lord Jesus fill you with His love and mercy, heal, restore and use you to help others who may need your help and encouragement one day.